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Updated on May 30, 2015


Me? I'm dishonest, and you can always trust a dishonest man to be dishonest. Honestly, it's the honest ones you want to watch out for cause you can never predict if they are going to do something incredibly stupid.- Captain Jacksparrow

It is always a hard thing to be sincere. Life is so full of little insincerities & people who are struggling with this sincerity but look what’s the end result... in our society either you will find them stuck in the same office grade they were 20 years ago or worse drowning in the whirlpool of life again and again failing to recognize the cause of their loss. Ok ok I get it u do not agree with me but trust me it’s same for each and every one of you.

Um…Do u really think the person sitting next to you right now has disclosed all what’s in his heart? Well you are such a dear to think that. Let’s just consider our scenario. Just think for a while……… I’m an outstanding student… people who know me will have a hard time imaging it but you got to do it for a while… the burning sensations you feel… uh uh don’t worry it’s not real… Seriously I have no intention of out running you… not right now… so how can you be sincere with me when I am leaving you behind in the race of life & as our world is today…only the best survive… So no, u do not want me to excel!

Who needs sincerity when they have got the money? I mean if were a boy I wouldn’t need to run after girls only if I had money. And girlfriends…truly you are not going to need them once you have got this shiny, speedy, black Mercedes; Your one true eternal love that is never going to deceive you. And if you still the time pass hobby, money will get u girlfriends.

As far as your profession is concerned…forged degree yeah… Who needs to study when u are getting a degree for mere bucks? In this country nobody is going to question how you came to get it, just get a degree in medicine and mind it you need not waste your 5 years rot learning cox that is the time when you can go out and buy happiness…

Sincerity…well that will need you heart broken and money THAT’S what brings happiness. The feeling of crisp, new paper scented dollar bills… there IS no feeling like it. Not even an ‘I love you’ can make you feel like that. And when Jessie J tells you it’s not about money…she is so not being true about this…

Now my worthy fellows, how far this *sincerity* is going to take you. Let’s see. You will find yourself sitting with your wife in the same house as you are now, who will be bickering at you how you wasted your lifetime & if you were genius enough to use these unfair dishonest ways to earn money your wife will be at a spa leaving you time to relax and mind it; I don’t think In your old days where people chillax you want to hear your wife 24/7 rattling on…trust me you don’t because it goes on and on… just like Rihanna complaining about monsters under her bed all the time…

Hey let’s not forget the ladies lest I be questioned when I get down the stage. Pretty trendy dresses, regular visits to parlor, a complete monthly make over, tall, knee high Prada shoes… these innocent desires of girl…oh and let’s not forget if it were a possibility; Damon Salvatore’s signed t-shirt... YOU DONOT need relations for this… money is going to take you where the height of your desires come true.

Some of you might be questioning my statement because in your opinion relations... they are above all others. Sorry to burst the bubble of your expectations but…awww…u still believe people are going to be their when you need them. My dear friend. You are a mere newborn who has to see the world yet...

Well… I’m still going by what I said. I remember when I was assigned the task to collect money for the bonfire…a thick wad of bills in my hand & that feeling…it was nothing compared to when I had to submit the fee of my friends along with mine and BANG... I realized I had more than a lac… and whoa...face red hot and a smile spreading from this realization…and think that money wasn’t even mine...if a mere thought of being so wealthy can make you this happy imagine what would money do? And now tell me can anybody else make you feel this way... nah nah... everything… is…a…lie… money makes the world go round...

Whoa...And the marriage prospects many of you are looking for or going to in near future… well no body is going to have you as their son in law...If you do not have a good job... and a good family background... Well that can be bought right?? And…uh uh…since all of you plan to get married in futures so behold brethren… What you are prescribed is a life time dose of money…keeping a wife is a struggle in itself and truly you are all going to need money someday sooner or later... Better buckle up for the ride!!

IN the end just a sincere advice… obviously you’d love to question my sincerity right about this point but come on... have u ever heard of blind trust... get a black mirrors… songs full volume & just roam about... do it once and if you don’t fall in love with this carefree, no demands, no deceptions... YOU ARE DOING IT WRONG… I am as sure of this as we feel when going for pharmacology test… but jokes apart… SINCERITY CAN GO TO HELL... BLACK MERCEDES DEFINITELY IS A BETTER OPTION.


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    • kanzb profile image

      kanzb 2 years ago

      This is not actually me :D but it is the case with every second person in this world. You can't expect tiniest bit of truth and sincerity from them. And when you behave in similar manner, the just want to eat you up with their eyes. :)

      Right now I am close to completing my medical degree so after that I will do something about writing because writing is my life. :)

      I am so very flattered to hear that. Words are not enough to explain it. :)

      I am grateful to you for so much appreciation. Eternally grateful. :)

      I will keep in touch. :)

    • Reynold Jay profile image

      Reynold Jay 2 years ago from Saginaw, Michigan

      This should be a character study in a novel much like Catcher in the Rye. You go inside a person's head and discover who he is. You might also read Henry Miller's Topic of Capricorn that runs along this line. You are a wonderful writer!!! Yes I really mean that. I would consider pulling this HUB though as you and I know this is not fiction and few are going to want to read it and enjoy it. Pull my comment too!

      Consider writing a fiction piece ( although it is really you) and you could become a super star. I did this for Amara "Eternal Defilement" and she is now a pro writer. Go to Amazon and look up Eternal Defilement (true story written by her and assisted by me. )

      Maybe you can write a memoir or a novel.

      Keep in touch with me. RJ