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Karin (Chibi Vampire) Manga

Updated on November 25, 2012

This was the first manga comic I ever read and from there, I've been hooked on manga! If you don't know what manga is, here's a little explanation. Manga is the Japanese form of comic book and is read from right to left, back to front.

The reason I chose Karin Chibi Vampire is because I've always been fascinated with vampires. Now I don't mean the sparkly Twilight type vampires (no offense to Twilight fans) but the Anne Rice vampires have always been what I imagined to to be 'real' vampires. But anyway, back to the hub.. One of my friends whom I went to high school with is manga mad. And I mean literally obsessed (love you Tam Tam ^^) and she's into Japan, Japanese as a language and basically everything Japan (kind of like me, only I'm a German obsessed fan). She was reading Fullmetal Alchemist and recommended I read Karin. And so she gave me a site where I could readit and it all just fell into place from there.

Karin is an usual vampire. Normal vampires drink blood, this vampire injects humans with her blood as she produces too much blood and if she doesn't inject someone, she has bad nosebleeds. Karin and her family live in Japan and Karin lives like an ordinary schoolgirl as she has no vampire traits as her family does.

However, the arrival of a new transfer student, Kenta, causes Karin's blood to increase whenever he is near her. Eventually, Kenta discovers Karin's secret and the two become friends.

Overall, I loved this manga and it remains one of my favorites. Do comment if you've read this and what else you would recommend!


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