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Karma in the Long Run

Updated on August 4, 2017
Patches The Clown
Patches The Clown | Source

How bullies are truly punished for their callous acts of rage.

The numbers

of afflicted

are staggering

as they eventually

grow number

to the pain.

After a

while the

perpetual smile

becomes bent

into a facade.

the saddest way to

simply cope

against any

cruel points

hurled with

angst against

dart board skin.

Eyes no longer

bleed tears,

hearts are

shed of

all hope,

and shoulders

hunch like

Quasimodo on

an arthritic day.

All around us

souls tremble

under finger-

painted smiles,

scuttling mouse-like

past confrontations.

Conditioned by

past suffering

they avoid

standing up to

the bullies

who inhabit

the darkest

alleyways of life .

How sad that

some of us

need verbal

punching bags

to vent their

insecurities on,

Hounding the obese,

the homely,

anyone disfigured,

racially different people,

the gay,

the insecure

and the weak.

Hell must truly

be a house

of mirrors,

where those

who abused others

must endlessly reflect on

their own more hideous flaws.

that the demons

point out eternally

with sharp pointed


The devil himself

the greatest bully of all

who served him

in like manner.

Matthew F. Blowers III

Art~whimsically Yours Studio-

The one in truly A-lone
The one in truly A-lone | Source


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