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Karma Quotes and Sayings

Updated on December 15, 2015

Karma has no deadline

Karma is coming
Karma is coming

Karma Quotes

The following Karma quotes will give you the full understanding of both good and bad Karma. While laughing at those people who get the payback after what they've done to you, take a step back and think. That is why you shouldn't do bad thing to others. As it will roll back right to you at any moment of your life, your enemy is a good example. Karma is a scary thing already; so there is no need of revenge.

Good & Bad Karma:

  • Those who collude to deprive others will get their karma, in a just and compensated way!
  • It amazes me how some parents only think of themselves and not the effect their actions have on their children. It is not about you anymore! Your children are hurting while you laid up living it up. One word Karma!
  • I don’t want to say it's karma but on those bad days remember the name that made it a bad day.
  • Karma you are a beautiful piece of magic!
  • Everyone has the ability to change and make themselves a better person. I don't understand how people can treat others so badly and not feel the least bit guilty. I hate hurting people. I hate when people hurt each other knowing they're doing it. Yeah, everything happens for a reason but if you're hurting everyone in your life, if you're lying to them, karma will hit you. I promise.
  • Out of my eyes, out of my heart, out of my life! The beginning of the new me... And I do believe in karma!
  • Life goes how we want it, for better or for worse is always chosen by our stances, and every man shall pay an account for his (karma) deeds being good or bad.
  • Karma is the consequences, both good and bad, that are brought to you based on your actions, good and bad. You are judged for your actions.
  • Karma is a gift that brings you lessons for your soul's personal growth, and will continue to bring these lessons back around until you learned them.
  • In Life One should have Latitude, Vision-Breadth to cover the world each day with your Karma as it travels and affects one to another! One should have Longitude, Mission and Power to forgive all day around. Gratitude to Thank God for every Breath you take.
  • We cannot say that when bad things happen it is Karma. Things are just meant to happen.
  • Almost everyone believes in bad karma I advised you should too. It's what you've been having for a long time now.
  • People love to see bad stuff happens to people and scream Karma and forgetting all about their own Karma is going to catch up with them soon.
  • Sometimes I wonder about if people could see into the future and realize that one day they will have to answer for their actions, would they still continue to do them. Karma is a bill that the Universe will without a doubt come collect.
  • If you hurt my friends, I'll make sure you know about it! What comes around goes around! I hope Karma' turns right around you and bites you!
  • Why do true friends have to lie to you? Well maybe because they aren't your friend after all. So watch who you think is your friend because they may backstab you. All we have to say is Karma is coming.
  • Sometimes there's no need to plot revenge or wish bad on others. When you least expect it, Karma is putting on its shoes and getting ready to take on the show.
  • People are so funny don't they know what’s done in the dark always comes to the light!
  • Best deal ever, when you love and believe in Karma. Every time you do something good for someone, without expecting a return.
  • Don't make up some stories just to get attention. You're pretty obvious. Be mindful of the word "KARMA".
  • Karma comes to you, better be quick. It might be fast that you won’t even have a chance to face the next day.
  • Hit me, beat me, call me what you want but don't blame me when karma strikes.
  • So you may be enjoying your little laugh right now but just remember karma's horrible. I'm sorry for whatever you have coming your way for what you just did to others.
  1. Good karma comes about by telling the truth, being sensitive to the needs of others, and holding freedom in high regard.
  • It is funny how life changes someone into the person they never thought they would be or used to judge. Karma! <3
  • Those who courageously keep on walking will always reach their destination. Those who continuously break their promises will experience Karma.
  • We choose who and what we want to be. By creating our own drama, we get our own karma! Sometimes we don't notice how we think, and with that, we develop what's always on our mind.
  • Karma: we love it and fear it, and most times we need it to realize what we have put others through in the past so we can have compassion for people in the future.
  • Karma is not what goes around comes around. Karma is the mechanism by which you move from the awareness of things to the awareness of the real self.


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