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Kaiya's, Riverboat Wedding

Updated on September 21, 2017
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Sheila's a kids' picture book author. She loves to share her moving children's stories with her readers!

Kaiya Almost Ate Her Engagement Ring

There once was a young lady named Kaiya, who planned her nuptials in the heart of the summer. Her fiancé had proposed last year and secretly placed Kaiya's engagement ring on her birthday cake. She almost accidentally ate her diamond ring, however, she spits it out considering it was a silver Dragee. The ring tumbled all over the dinner table and landed on her salad plate! She was surprised and couldn't believe Gregory's ingenuity! He quickly dropped to his knees and proposed.

Kaiya undeniably laughed and said, "Yes, I'll marry you, dear! You are the man of my dreams."

They set a date for their wedding and Kaiya assured Gregory, she too would surprise him. All he needed to do was to appear neat and respectable on their holy day.

Hopefully, a river boat parade will be fantastic for Kaiya and Gregory.
Hopefully, a river boat parade will be fantastic for Kaiya and Gregory. | Source

Kaiya Called Her Best Friends

Kaiya phoned her best friend Natalie the following day to tell her the fabulous news. Straight away she started to plan Kaiya's wedding. Natalie called Sara, Betsy, and Ina for help with her marriage ceremony. They decided on a riverboat wedding! They thought it would be romantic sailing through their town’s dainty river on a Saturday afternoon with a lovely band playing the romantic sounds of seventies music.

Their Wedding Boat Set Sail on a Lovely City River.
Their Wedding Boat Set Sail on a Lovely City River. | Source

Her Friends Made All the Wedding Arrangements

Sara handmade all the floral arrangements and decorations on the riverboat while Ina, a dress designer decided to carve the patterns for the bridesmaid's gowns. Kaiya desired a fairly large wedding reception and planned to have twelve bridesmaids. Natalie would be her maid of honor and her little sister would carry her wedding ring on a white, silk pillow.

Kaiya didn't know that Ina planned to design all her bridesmaids' dresses! She secretly combed through her bridesmaids' closets when she arrived for a surprise visit and picked a colorful dress for them to wear to Kaiya's wedding to save money. She also instructed them to buy sparkling marshmallow shoes to match their bridal gowns. Kaiya planned to sing a romantic seventies song to her hubby and desired her bridesmaids to choreograph a disco measure.

Kaiya's Fiancé Strolled in and Her Bridesmaids Were Ragged

Kaiya's wedding day finally arrived and she appeared classic and fresh! Her hair was long and bridal dress flowing. She stepped onto the riverboat and was awestricken by Sara's decorations. Sara had adored the boat with colorful handmade flowers on the tables, chairs, and walls. Her bridal flowers were delicately made of a shiny, silk material and she delicately placed a few lovely petals on her hair.

Gregory strolled in with a dainty, gray suit and the twelve bridesmaids sauntered in too. He grabbed Kaiya by the hand and she was terribly disappointed. Her bridesmaids' dresses designed by Ina were ragged and worn and the colors were awfully distasteful. Besides, the bridesmaids had eloquently painted red inscriptions on their arms which added to Kaiya’s discuss.

Gregory Hugged and Kissed Kaiya

A preacher performed her wedding ceremony and Gregory gently hugged and kissed Kaiya as she silently wept as she said, "I do."

She knew deep inside her bridesmaids' dress fiasco wouldn't go down without a tussle!

The Bridesmaids' Dresses Caused a Brawl!
The Bridesmaids' Dresses Caused a Brawl! | Source

Kaiya and Inna Had a Tussle

Kaiya grabbed Inna by the arm and asked her why she decided to make fun of her on her wedding day. "What do you mean, I created lovely bridesmaids dresses for you!"

"No, you didn't! These dresses are sickly! You deliberately made these dreadful bridesmaid dresses to embarrass me! Don't you know I had secretly chosen my bridesmaids' gowns from the lovely dresses they had stored in their closets to save a bit of money? This permitted them to purchase dainty marshmallow shoes for their disco show!"

The Captain Sped His Boat and Some Guests Fell Overboard

Kaiya accidentally pushed Inna, and she fell to the floor and clicked her heels. The captain heard the brawl and decided to speed through the river to reach the shore. A terrible wind gusted and the boat rocked from side to side. A few guests tumbled off the boat and they screamed for safety!

Luckily the water was simply knee deep! Kaiya and Gregory leaped into the river as well and signaled their guests to toddle to the pier.

Lucily, Kaiya Snapped a Lovely Photo Before Her Wedding Fiasco!
Lucily, Kaiya Snapped a Lovely Photo Before Her Wedding Fiasco! | Source

Kaiya Vowed She Married the Man of Her Dreams

Kaiya's wedding was ruined! She didn't know what to say or how to apologize. Natalie quickly stepped in and assured everyone that what had occurred between Inna and the bride was a terrible misunderstanding.

Gregory and Sara along with Natalie hugged Kaiya and said they would make it up to her.

"How could you? Today, I married the man of my dreams and this brawl will forever be my wedding memory."

© 2014 Sheila Craan


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