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Keen Eyes - One Truth Prevails

Updated on December 18, 2014

Keen eye

When observing things objectively, the truth will be revealed and will prevail.

The world woven in an intricate web of deception, immersed in vile poison and is ever infecting. Darkness shrouds this great sphere and deceives many on this grand and ostentatious stage.

Young man, the apple on the tree looks ripe, but do not desire it. For it is vile poison cloaked in deception, the science of life is spoken through daily living whether abiding the law or doing the forbidden.

Rats tell tales of what they've seen with their eyes of what has transpired in the land of the living.

I've seen many vile things while here in this ephemeral existence of life. Utter madness, madness, oh the outrage!

Corruption and various perversions alike, the ways of the world are indeed wicked.

The things that have occurred within this dark sphere, what an individual does in his pursuit for achieving riches.

Do not be captivated and lead astray by false doctrine nor beauty. For With a keen eye for detail one truth prevails.


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