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"Keep Spurrin'...Keep Hangin' On!" Ode to a Rodeo Cowboy

Updated on November 12, 2015

Cowboy was spinnin'...

Didn't look like he'd be winnin'.

Nothing from this draw...

Except a broken neck...after the fall...

Ridin' on the one they call: "Alter Your DNA"...

Had surely lived up to the hype...that few riders ever rode the whole way.

He didn't think he had a chance to make it to the 8 second mark...

This one jumped so fast out'ta of the chute...that all he saw were stars...and it ain't dark.

It's 8 seconds on a bronc like equal to a whole lifetime...

Right now...he was getting bucked so hard...He hoped he didn't lose his mind.

This horse spun around so quick...he felt like he was in a centrifuge...

If He left the riggin'...he'd skim across the he was on an ice sled luge.

From some ol' memory...of another time and place...

Came this thought...through all the buckin'...which brought a smile to his face.

He'd been blasted off a back a'one by at least twenty feet...In Cheyenne...that time...

He sure was a dang fool for thinking of that now...He shook it from his mind.

Both hemispheres of his brain felt like they were in a paint shaker at full speed...

Just a few more seconds he told himself...was all he was going to need.

Then the riggin' got a little loose...and so did his grip...

His spurrin' on that last hyper-jump...wasn't strong like he'd of liked...from his hip...

He held on though...just a little bit longer was all it would take...

Thinking he could ride this one out...was his first mistake.

He spent more time up in the in the air...on this ride...than on the bronc's back...

One more sideways kick like that last one...and he's going down like a potato sack.

A couple more bucks or seconds...was all this Cowboy had to make it...

His hat that he had pulled down over his ears...blasted couldn't take it.

He thought his head would snap off...for sure...along with it...

He was making a short list of new career choices...He knew now was a good time to quit!

Then with a sudden stop of the bronc followed by a vertical launch of this crazed ani-mal...

Came a buck that was going to send him shooting like a "Hail Mary" pass in Football.

But He dug in those shoulder blades with his best spurrin' technique of the night...

Then quickly jumped off that maniac bucking machine at the buzzer...and exited stage right!

He had made it...though he couldn't tell you how...

The crowd stood to their feet cheering...but He was way too try and bow.

So...he picked up his hat...and tossed it straight up in the air...

If the judges didn't give him high numbers for that ride...He didn't care.

He had climbed up on that meaner than a "Hungry T-Rex" bronc with the terrible rep...

And rode him for every second on the clock...and hung with him for every step.

Now that the un-spinning of his world was returning him back to re-align again...with Earth's Orbit...

And even though he was almost ready to retire ...'cause of this horse...from this particular ride on it.

He thought for one second...while he was trying to keep his legs sturdy enough to walk away...

That that Bronc had given him the wildest ride of his life...He hoped he would draw him again...some future day!

© 2015 manlypoetryman


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