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" Keep The Fork", She said ...

Updated on March 18, 2012

Over the years I've collected various stories, poems, little sayings that reflect God's Love, Faith, Hope, Pray, Reflection and Learning Tools. One such story is titled Keep the Fork.

This reflects on a young women who discovers that she has a terminal illness and has been given three months to live.

She begins to get her life in order and make her final arrangements and speaks to her Pastor and relates to him what her final wishes are.

She hands him a list of the songs she wants and what Bible scriptures she requests. She even picked what outfit she wants to wear when she goes home to meet God.

As he begins putting everything together she suddenly remembers that she wants to be buried with a fork in her right hand.

The Pastor is baffled by her requests and asks why. The young lady explains, that her grandmother told her a story not so long ago and since then she's shared this story with countless others.

Her grandmother remarked that on a number of social events and celebrations that when the main course was being cleared off the table that they would remark, " Keep Your Fork ".

To her this meant that something wonderful was on the way. So, when people see me with the fork in my casket they will wonder why the fork is there and I want you to share this story with them to always keep their fork because the best if yet to come.

As she finished the Pastor had tears in his eyes, he hugged the young lady and promised her he would share his story not only with those at her wake but others as well. The Pastor realized that this young lady had just taught him a lesson.

She knew that she had a better grasp of heaven and the hereafter than he did. She knew that something better was coming. The day of her wake he placed the fork she'd given him in her right hand.

With a smile on his face he shared her story many times that day. Now, share this story with our family and friends and remind them to always keep the fork. Well, after reading the story I decided that when my funeral arrangements are made I am keeping my fork. Will you keep yours?


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