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Keeping up with the everybodys

Updated on May 29, 2016

The same amount of money spent on one item could be used towards a utility bill, instead of endless shopping sprees that could be replaced by investing in deal's. Can you blame the pressure that is put on by the average American? That would believe if commercials didn’t air that the world would probably end. The blind leads the blind while chasing after shoes and clothes, when the real you is defined by success and not what will soon loose gross. Society mocks exactly what it puts out to distribute, it’s a shame that the only pair of eyes to see are too busy paying tribute. The average star can spend thousand's a day without breaking a sweat, but it’s not profitable for you to try and portray off of that. Don’t get lost in the abyss of fortune and fame, when all you own is a dollar to your name. Be smart and stay humble to yourself, and never become a victim of a false idols wealth.


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