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Thoughts About Squidoo

Updated on March 31, 2011

When I started out with blogging and writing articles for webpages, it seemed like Squidoo and HubPages were the most recommended by people. I started out on Squidoo first, then I learned about HubPages through one of the "lens" on the site. After creating my account for both sites, I immediately went to work on creating articles.

Both sites seem to use the same concept, adding modules to your work and then editing them to how you like. It made both sites very easy to pick up and become useful to the features. However, Squidoo had other features that made it different than HubPages. One of the more noticeable ones is the "Game Mode" that Squidoo incorporated into their system. It acts much like achievements off Xbox Live, where every time you achieve a goal of theirs, you are rewarded with points to your score. As far as to my knowledge, there's nothing you can do with your points.

With the points and trophies system, it makes you feel good about yourself when you make a post and you're rewarded for it. You start getting the feeling of achieving something, until you check back the next day and see that your article hasn't gotten any views whatsoever. Nothing to worry though, you're only a beginner so you should realize that your article won't have any attention yet. Since you posted the same article on HubPages, you expect to see the same results. However, you're article has already been read 20 times, and it even has a few comments and ratings. So you figured it must be something to do with you're popularity on Squidoo, so you create more lens to get your name out. Sadly, nothing has changed and you're views have stayed at 0.

This was the problem I ran into with Squidoo. I would post the same articles on here to Squidoo, yet I would not get any results. I realize later that my lens were considered "unfinished" and were not featured on Squidoo. Turns out that Squidoo has a task list of things you should do before you post your lens, such as writing an intro and uploading a photo for your intro. Since I put the intro and photo of my articles in a single text module, I edited it and made sure they were put under the introduction section of the lens. I did it for all my articles, and the next day they were featured on Squidoo. Finally I thought I was gonna start getting some views for my lens, but a few days past and I still got the same 0 result.

Even now I'm still getting jack squat for views on Squidoo. Recently I started using Blogger by Google and I've been getting traffic on that, so why not Squidoo? Is there something I'm doing wrong? Is there something I have to do? For now I'm only using HubPages and Blogger, unless my Squidoo account happens to pick up traffic.

For those of you reading this and have used Squidoo, I'd like to hear your opinions about the site. What do you think of it? Are you successful with it? If so, do you have any tips for other users that use the site? Looking forward to hearing every response.


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    • profile image

      Hdog28 6 years ago

      checking out squidoo man...trying to decide if I should try to look into what's up with the ratings or what! keep it real...