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Key features of a compare and contrast essay

Updated on June 18, 2016

A compare and contrast essay

Essay writing on compare and contrast takes a different format from the conventional topics. In this context, you will either be looking at similarities or difference between two or more points or ideas. One of the main reasons why you will find compare and contrast is that it is essay on criticism. Many people into essay writing will probably want to write on diverse topics like essay about leadership, essay about education, and essay about love among many others. Generally speaking, the key features on compare and contrast takes any of the following forms.

Thesis and introduction

The compare and contrast essay will not be complete if it lacks these two. You will need to give a clear and concise opening of your essay. It is important that at the opening of your essay, you let your audience have an idea on what you are comparing and contrasting and what your goals are. In the thesis part, you will generalise the main points of comparison and contrast in a statement. This will form the basis of your next point in the body of the essay.


You may decide to write essay about education and compare. You will proceed to compare various institutions of learning and why you feel that they deserve to be looked at different lenses from the way we see it. Compare their teaching methodologies, styles of teaching, the curricular activities, exams, teachers, students and so on. You will be comparing one school with another, say an international school and a national one.

At this point, you will give your thesis. As essay writing example will read something like: International schools offer students better exposure than international ones. This is a thesis that you will choose as your main point of comparison. Remember at this point of comparison, you will be giving the so many similarities which exist between them.

Contrast section

On the key features of compare and contrast essay, you will now start looking at the major differences which exist between them. Examples and details are what will guide your writing to the extent that you should be able to satisfy your reader with your arguments.


This is the highlight of your compare and contrast point. You will give the key points of each of the points so that the reader will succinctly be able to look at the similarities and differences between the two. You should ensure that you are as brief as possible.

The main reason why the compare and contrast essay must have a conclusion is so that you can have an opinion which is based on a certain criteria. After examining it, you will be able to form the best criticism as discussed above and then bring out the strongest points of the two. You will then proceed to defend and support your ideas, points or ideas.

The key features of compare and contrast essay are thus as given above. It is one of the easiest essays you can write on.


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