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Khmer Genocide #1

Updated on September 12, 2011

One of the most painful stories that my parent have ever told me is about their experience during the Khmer Rouge. Khmer rouge started in 1975-1979 led by Pol Pot. Khmer Rouge is also known as “Red Khmer”. My parent considered them the killing machine. The devil from hell, cruel hearted and inhuman. The black teeth and the blood sucker. Black teeth were considered, “Vietnamese communist”. They then took me into an adventure back in the olden time during the Khmer Rouge regime. My mother started her story when her mother sister let her sleep with the pigs outside for three night with her seven sisters. That one day she got up catching crabs for lunch. Then all of a sudden, she heard air plane flying the sky like thunder and then BOOM! An explosion like bomb. She ran home and Cambodian people were claiming that United State bomb Cambodia. My mother and her sisters were all lost in fear running around like a squirrel lost its nest. Behind their home there was a deep forest that my mother usually go pick fruit, well she escape from the bomb by running through there. But it was no escape, bombs trigger the Khmer Rouge to come in and start the killing.

My mother was running through a field where they had bomb buried down there. Bomb explode behind her and she saw many people body flew to the air. Running into the forest she step on thorn, rocks, barks and so many more. Her feet and leg were cut and bruise. Many part of my mother journey, my mother tell me it was the greatest nightmare living in hell alive. The worst part of her life is seeing her mother and oldest sister killed. Her mother being killed through starvation and beaten and her older sister stomach cut open.

She also remember the time she was caught by the Khmer Rouge and was tortured. They tied her to the tree and start whipping her. They tell her if she cry or scream, her head will be cut off. My mother hold her tears and her scream but was too hard. Instead of cutting her head off, they buried her alive on the ground. Two men who saw her being buried came to save her life and risk their life to get killed. She was only 10 years old at the time and my mother was scratching her way out. After they dig her out, they shot those two men in the head and chopped a piece of my mother butt cheek off. My mother was sent to a station and they sew her butt cheek back on without anesthesia. Biting onto a dirty towel, she screamed.

After they sew her back, they force her to walk and start cutting wheat. They did not care whether she was injured or in pain, all they did was force people to work. My mother found her father and her father had a medicine he stole from one of the Khmer Rouge and give it to my mother. Secretly healing her without them noticing, my grandfather was caught one day and beaten. They didn’t want to waste bullet so they decided to starve him. My grandfather was a smart man, he eat grass to fill his hunger.

During the torture my mother and other people were handcuffed with rope being tied on their wrist like prisoner. They would drag them to a camp where prisoner were tortured and my mother saw a man being tied on a stick being carried like animal. They tossed him down to the ground and start wiping with a sticking. The stick rip through his skin and blood drool all over his body. They would electrocute him as well and my mother heard them say, “Don’t cry or disobey me, if you dare, you will get 10 more slashes and 5 more electrocution!” My mother also see woman getting rape with many of the guys and there nipple was cut off.

Walking past the prison they took my mother to a small campsite where they are force to work and plant food. If anyone ever disobey them, they will cut their head off. A young boy about my mother age was very hungry and he stole some food from their garden, he was caught and they cut his head off. Cutting his head off, they play with his head like a kick ball and grab a stick poke right through his head and hold it like a traffic stop sign. That man came to warn other prisoner that if anyone ever disobey or caught steeling stuff, their head will be cut off like this boy! Do you all fool understand?

My mother was in feared and start crying. They tell my mother to shut up or else she would have to sleep next to his dead body. They toss the boy body in a ditch and in that ditch there was more human body. They were mad at my mom because she cried too much so they drag my mother by the hair and throw her in the ditch filled with dead body. Laughing at her for a while, they pulled her back out and tell her to go back to work planting food.

They caught my uncle who was a well known doctor who are now living in Canada Ottawa. He was force to practice healing or they will kill him. They whip him several time and saw his own brother head getting cut off. He saw my mother who has been tortured continuously. He made a deal with the Khmer Rouge that if they stop torturing my mother then he will do his practice. They made a deal and became more nice to my mother. But it wasn’t too long, my mother was force to carry buckets of water. My mother and uncle soon find their way to escape at night and hid themselves behind the Angkor Wat. Both my uncle and mother found their way to escape into the Philippines. She haven’t told me about how she escape because she was too emotional to speak. She tell me that every time she thought about it, its heart wrecking. It was one thing that she will never ever forget in her life.

I asked her what were the food at the time they were force to eat during the regime, she said rats.

My mother show me her butt cheek to prove that her butt was cut off, there was a dint in her butt cheek and a scar. Her tail bone was missing the coolest part about it is, you can poke right through it and your finger goes all the way through and left a hole dint in it.

My father then took over the conversation and tell his story. He said the regime was brutal that left part of his soul missing.

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