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Khmer Genocide #2

Updated on September 12, 2011

Recapturing the moment of the Khmer Rouge, he remember that during the Khmer Rouge regime, my dad was force out of his father arm. My father dad was a five star captain lieutenant and were separated from my dad during the regime. My dad rushed his way into the forest. He remember his father tell him to never say who his father was and never say his real name. It was a mystery that was never been solved and do not understand why his father would say such thing. My dad lied about his identity and escape from the genocide. Bombs fill the air blood was drooling every where. My dad told me he saw half of a body with flesh gushing out and the other half were on the other side.

Continue running my dad was caught by the communist. My dad was force to work by digging ditch to put dead body. All of the other men both old and young were force to do what they say. Some guys were lined up to get their head cut off. Those devil holding guns and standing by the rock they study every men. The weakest will be killed first and leave the strongest alive. The men were forced to go to prison and my father saw men being tied with their arm up in the air and hitting them with stick like hitting a teddy ball. My dad even saw them pour hot water on them and burned. He told me it was like a horror movie scene.

My father and few other men were called out to dig more ditch. They were force to walked to where they kill woman. Most woman would be raped and after that they had their stomach cut open. Most woman were fully undress and were tied to a tree, forcefully assaulted by more than 10 men. They shove the gun through woman private area and shot from there. Most were cut open and chopped into pieces. Pregnant woman stomach were cut open and feces were taken out. Babies was tossed into the air and shoot like a piece of Frisbee. Some baby were repeatedly tossed against a tree forcefully to death.

My dad was feared of death and prayed that he won’t be the one getting killed. They suddenly called my dad name and my dad thought he was going to be the next getting killed. But instead, they tell my dad to follow them and carried pounds of rice. After he carried the rice to their camp, they offered rice for my dad and the fellow men. My dad and the other inmate were given some time out for cooperating. The had 4 men head and grab a stick poking each head with the stick like a stand to hold a pot for cooking rice. My dad and his fellow inmate watched the head being burned. That night they taught all the men how to sing a song. They expect the men to sing their song that they sung.

Even though they hate the Khmer Rouge and never want to follow their rule, but they did it any way to stay alive. The next day they asked my dad and his friend to get cages full of rats by dawn and if not they will be killed. They spend their day catching as many rats as possible to survive. When dawn comes they cook the rat to serve the Khmer Rouge. The Khmer Rouge were most drunk from the palm juice and he and his friend found ways to escape. They escape half way from the camp but were caught. They tied my dad and his friends up by the tree and whip.

They say the next time my dad and his friends escape, they will cut both their neck off. My dad and his friend say okay but they do not care. They would have to find a way to escape. Then one day they tell my dad and his friend to go dig more ditch, my dad and his friend decided to escape. Both running out of the campsite, the Khmer Rouge chase after them and shooting them. My dad was shot in the arm but continue running. My dad finally escape from the camp but they first would have to run through more bombs.

After running through bombs with his friend, they commute to an area where the American were over to help. My dad was in the Philippines for six month before being sponsored by a man in Seattle to the United State. The Caucasian man who sponsored my dad to the United State was a wealthy man who know my dad father. After staying in Seattle they moved my dad to California. My father change his name and live in Lake Tahoe. My dad was reunited with his God mother and stayed with her for four years. After four years he moved to Los Angeles and worked. After couple years of working they moved him to work at San Francisco, same company but different city. That was when he was reunited with all his friends that escape from the genocide. Knowing less English, my dad went to school to learn English which were supported by the YMCA.

After learning about my parent experience during the Khmer Rouge genocide, I asked my god grandfather about his experience during the war.

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