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Kids Deserve Better

Updated on April 2, 2016

So much crazy things going on.
The world will never be the same.
No one takes time to realise.
We don't live in a video game.
Why do people have babies.
Then pushing them to the side.
Not having a care in the world.
Babies can't do nothing but cry.
Its sad how treat God miracles.
How does someone just not care.
I feel so bad for kids today.
Their life is no where near fair.
Don't have kids if you know.
Your not going to be around.
Making the kids heart crumble.
As it falls to the ground.
I don't understand how.
We let life get so gray.
I pray one day soon.
All this evil will go away.
I'm going to start doing more.
I know it will take awhile.
But I will do my very best.
Every kid deserve to smile!!


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