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Kids Learn About Science Through Magic School Bus Adventure Books

Updated on February 25, 2008

About Magic School Bus

The Magic School Bus is a fun series of books and a television show that teaches kids about science. The series is good for kids from around ages 7 to 12. The series is based on a group of kids that go on field trips with their teacher, Ms. Frizzle. These are not any ordinary field trips, though, because they use the Magic School Bus. The bus allows them to go all kinds of places and to shrink and sometimes even turn into other things such as water droplets. As the kids go on wacky field trips they learn about different science topics and share real science facts.

Magic School Bus Picture Books

One of the Magic School Bus series of books are picture books. These book come in a variety of science topics. In the books the main text is the adventure the class goes on. On the sides of the pages there are loose leaf page images that are made to be examples of reports the students in Ms. Frizzle's class wrote. These give facts about the topic being discussed in the book and elaborate on what is taught in the main story.

Just a few of the different available science topic picture books include Explores the Sense with them going inside different sensory organs learning about how there are more than five senses and Inside a Beehive in which the class becomes bees and learn about what bee do. Other book titles include Lost in the Solar System, Inside the Human Body, On the Ocean Floor, In the Time of the Dinosaur, and Inside a Hurricane.

Magic School Bus Chapter Book Series

The Magic School Bus series of chapter books are great books for kids ready for chapter books. The books have the same type of adventures as in the picture books, but with more description on the adventures and the facts more placed within the text. There are still, however, the reports of students placed in the book to give additional information on the topics in the book.

#1 Truth About Bats

#2 Search for the Missing Bone

#3 Wild Whale Watch

#4 Space Explorers

#5 Twister Trouble

#6 The Giant Germ

#7 The Great Shark Escape

#8 Penguin Puzzle

#9 Dinosaur Detectives

#10 Expedition Down Under

#11 Insect Invaders

#12 Amazing Magnetism

#13 Polar Bear Patrol

#14 Electric Storm

#15 Voyage to the Volcano

#16 Butterfly Battle

#17 Food Chain Frenzy

#18 Fishy Field Trip

#19 Color Day Relay

#20 Rocky Road Trip


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