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The Artist and the Fanatical Dressmaker

Updated on December 27, 2017
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Sheila is a kids' picture book author who loves to share her moving children's stories with her readers!

An overly zealous arty lad eloquently sketches, portraits of imaginary friends, and a fanatical dressmaker brings his artwork to life in a spectacular fashion show.
An overly zealous arty lad eloquently sketches, portraits of imaginary friends, and a fanatical dressmaker brings his artwork to life in a spectacular fashion show. | Source

Lionel Lively Envisioned the People He Sketched

Ever since Lionel was five years old, he dreamt of becoming the finest artist of his time. He enjoyed spending time alone reflecting on the paintings he loved to sketch. He frequently wondered about how to bring his works of art to life. However, he hadn't the slightest clue.

Even so, Lionel was convinced there was a sure way to prove his paintings were real works of living city dwellers. This is what he always hoped for, and he secretly yearned for his family to share his vision of seeing the people he created on canvas become his fine friends.

He believed if he could skillfully draw these imaginary personalities by envisioning them in his mind’s eye that they were somehow living someplace in the world. Dogged to find his fantasy friends, one way or another, every day after school, Lionel zealously locked himself in his room.

He courageously sketched a plaster of Paris of every fresh face, he could muster in his mind. Plus, he decked them in the most attractive attire. He drew women and children with gorgeous gowns and colorful hats, along with smart men decked in spectacular costumes.

Lionel Framed Every Picture

Lionel framed every painting and marveled about where his subjects lived. This became his obsession. He also kept a journal and wished he could mail gallery invitations to entice his made-up friends to own their splendid portraits with names he dreamt-up, too.

The cold, harsh winter in New England was nearing an end, and Lionel’s sixteenth birthday was only a few weeks away. His parents decided to host a sweet-sixteen party for him, and he became tickled pink by all the party planning.

Lionel’s entire class attended his birthday party, and one meddling classmate was determined to get a glimpse of his amazing artwork! Sharon tiptoed her way into his chambers to marvel and renovate his work. She right away became a fanatic over his paintings and peered into his private journal. His thoughts gave her a grand idea! She at a moment’s time knew she was on a grand path to gathering worldly riches. She imagined she would be deemed the smartest woman in the world by being Lionel’s utmost fan and confident.

Sharon Hosted a Grand Fashion Show

Sharon planned to be the only person to design and sell Lionel’s fashions worldwide; after all, she loved to sew. She whipped out her camera and took pictures of every painting in his room, Next, she left his birthday party ranting and raving to anyone, except Lionel, about how she was going to surprise them. She straight away began to passionately work on her trendy new artistic styles.

Sharon owned all sorts of colorful fabrics and materials, and since Lionel’s paintings were exquisite, and detail oriented, she could recreate the gowns, hats and suits he drew in vivid fashions. She reckoned once her styles became popular; she could freely hire a team of experts to find the people in Lionel’s paintings to model their unique outfits.

She was awfully skillful and tactful in creating every dress and pant suit in a jiffy. She planned to invite Lionel to the fashion show of his dire dreams, where he witnessed his artwork come alive with the fantastic people he had envisioned all his life.

Sharon kept her aspirations and organized a grand fashion show, after she had found and sent invitations to the people Lionel drew so elegantly. Lionel had no clue Sharon was busy doing this, and he was ecstatic to be her most honored guests.

In the opening number of the fashion show, Lionel was flabbergasted and could not believe his eyes! He thought Sharon, and her crew had read his mind's wit all along, and wondered how she devised to bring to life his finest paintings, and dress designs with the faces of the people he knew in his mind’s eye.

After the fashion show, the models hovered around Lionel and gave him a trophy for being the greatest artist who ever lived. They rewarded him thousands of dollars for their splendid portraits too.

Though Lionel never knew how Sharon worked her magic in his life, he was grateful to meet the friends he drew from his imagination, and exceptionally proud his family now would finally venerate his artwork.

Sharon's Fashion Show Knocked Lionel off His Toes. The fanatical dressmaker went bonkers over the artist's portraits.

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© 2012 Sheila Craan


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