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The Grand Ant and the Honeybee

Updated on September 21, 2017
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Sheila is a kids' picture book author who loves to share her moving children's stories with her readers!

A lowly ant admired a sweet honeybee with envy.
A lowly ant admired a sweet honeybee with envy. | Source

The Grand Ant Strived to Eat All the Sweet Honey He Craved

Every day, a humble Ant yearned to devour the sweet honey of certain honeybees. He watched the bees fly from flower to flower happily buzzing about their fine pollen. He had secretly heard how they were easily going to craft the most delicious honey for their lovable queen bee ever and he wanted a part of it.

The poor Ant imagined if he could in some way creep into this marvelous beehive, he could fill his belly with their luscious wildflower honey. And then disguise his gaze to resemble their imposing queen bee for more honey treats.

The outrageous ant desired to eat all the sweet honey, he craved every day! After all, he fathomed he was much smarter than these silly, foolish, and clamorous bees. Since he gracefully knew how to skillfully fabricate humongous ant hills.

The Lowly Ant Knew He Could Not Fly

Moreover, the meek Ant truly believed he could plainly outfox the commanding queen bee! Pinching a bit of honey from their honeycomb branch would wonderfully suit his insatiable ant tummy, he thought. Plus, he knew the honey would give him a burst of energy to build a plethora of ant hills for his jolly Ant friends.

For days, the witty Ant fixed his gaze on these busy little honeybees buzzing back and forth carrying pollen to their striking beehive. He thought and thought about slipping in, but terrified by their deafening clamor; he recoiled. At last, he had an idea! He dusted himself with pollen from head to toe, before mustering the courage to quietly grace the stately beehive with his presence.

To the ant’s surprise, his fiddling worked! He slipped into the sweet beehive drenched with pollen unnoticed, and the rowdy honeybees paid no attention to him at all. He could not believe how sticky he felt once inside, and how the boisterous honeybees were toiling to please their daunting queen bee.

“Let’s go swiftly, it’s time to make the honeycombs for our exceptional wildflower honey,” the queen bee bellowed.

“We’re working straight away, my darling Queen” buzzed all the plump honeybees outrageously.

No sooner did the towering queen bee fly within her glorious beehive before noticing a glob of pollen lingering by in a dark corner. The queen bee signaled her honeybees to grab the tasty ball of pollen with their strong antennas and ordered them to turn it into a spoonful of fresh honey.

Unfortunately, the feeble Ant had no time to flee from the grip of the dutiful honeybees. He was shortly swimming in a sea of the sweetest tasting honey. He licked mouthfuls of honey with his long tongue until he could no longer eat, and noticed his belly rising incredibly. Right before his skeptical eyes, he became chunky just like the honeybees and looked sort of like them, except, he could not fly, or jump, since he had no wings. No matter how hard he tried, he could not lift himself off the honeycombs.

 The honeybees noticed a hungry ant covered in pollen dust. They were shocked and didn't know what to do.
The honeybees noticed a hungry ant covered in pollen dust. They were shocked and didn't know what to do. | Source

The Queen Bee Booted Her Head in Horror

The meek Ant was suddenly pleased and honored. The demanding honeybees were surprisingly fond of him, especially the queen that vowed to not ever let him out of her sight. She decided to create an abode in the massive beehive beside her, so he could eat all the delicious honey he gathered for dinner.

The witty Ant believed his arduous Ant friends would not ever miss him. They were wholly able to erect their private ant hills without needing to snack on the honey of honeybees. He knew his ant friends could build their massive bulk by eating the leftover scraps of other insects.

The fancy Ant honored to have such a fine bee friend was proud the looming queen bee accepted him into her quaint beehive without ever realizing he was strictly a dignified, old, hungry ant. She grew tremendously fond of him. So, one day she left the pompous beehive in search of a perfumed flower to make a brand-new type of blossomed honey for him.

Now, the busy little honeybees looked to their sure Ant for guidance and supposed he was their new queen bee. The confident Ant tripped over his fat belly from excitement one afternoon, and the inquisitive honeybees realized he was not a real bee. They grew angry and wanted to get rid of him at once.

The furious honeybees kicked the self-assured ant out of their buzzing beehive, and he landed on his head and bounced a few times on his sweet, round belly. He admitted he could not play the role of a phony honeybee any longer because he could never survive the bees’ credo without his divine queen bee.

The lonely ant’s Ant friends greeted him below when he fell and were exceedingly glad to see him once more. They said he was weary! His pious Ant friends opted to make him the daunting, king ant of their colony. He was truly grateful for his privilege! He relaxed in their voracious anthill fortress and commanded his lofty Ant friends for all time. He hoped Queen Bee would find him at home one day sitting pretty and doling honey too...

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© 2012 Sheila Craan


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