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Killer Mother Fulking Dirty Mushrooms

Updated on December 2, 2015

System resume...

am I to assume the resume' displayed got your attention, invention intentions, thoughts entombed,

pharaohs womb,

birthing soon,

consumed with doom, there is no spoon... fumes, boom,

bombs away rage, slave pay saves, into the grave, bones cross, lung exhaust... Boo

Get up!!! Get on your feet!!! Intruders spook,

look, around, sounds, know now, you're a kook,

cukoo clock stops, lets rock, tick-tock, knock-knock, times juke'd,

box lost, outside, alive, amused,

enthused, lets control, cruise,

code??? you chose...

believe & see, different, views,

musically free, writing anything, truth,

I tear my ticket in half, walking up to the booth-

enter the shows flow, slow, silver screen gleams & curtains begin to swoop,

poof, magician appears to disappear clear into the smokes choke, appear rope, on the roof, continuous loop,

replaying and playing again... Wheel of life, jump through, hoops,

rings of lord, troops,

march!!! Forward march!!! lost into the dunes,

sands of man blown away by his own hands, oasis shameless, dehydrated, pukes,

sick from sweats salt, assault, views,

stinging singing's keep, keep's keeping me blinking, look down at your shoes,

headed anywhere??? Clues,

killed for a thrill, so what, bee you're own person & learn some, values,

develop a system for help, rails new Project, 33, bundle install, rails server, begin to improve,

the world around you, developed, in an envelope, flap licked, screwed,

shut it zip, compressed pressed, sending 'IT' to you,

you know what to do,

do do... Oh shit- you mean #2...

poop... Hahah... ...Poop,

whoops... Well I kinda' shit the bed on this one-

roots, the mind is a terrible thing to taste, Ministry- Son, play, done


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