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Killing Sacred Cowgirl

Updated on May 7, 2012

Have you seen my daughter, she's just like me
Of course she's still young but just wait you'll see
When she grows up she'll think just like me
Doesn't want black, red, white, yellow, and blue
Doesn't want anything to do with any of you
Nothings gonna change for anybody, don't be a fool
Its only us against all the colors and believe me son
They got as many weapons as we ever have guns
Jesus protect me, don't reject me, only one secret
For God and Me, I've killed so many men and children
And now they're hurting me too, they may get me
But they gotta catch my baby girl...She's a sacred cowgirl
Hate thy enemy or get outta my league, either you're with me
Or forget me...Kill that human being kill the running beast
Runaway child who can you trust, even cops down there
Are so unaware that they think tis tactical to incite and
Lie to themselves, ain't that white, yesterday is enough
You can do better, Read about it in the papers, white
Every little daughter you got, isn't as stupid as that
Every grand wizard has daughters and thoughts
And she's sneaking around your racist ways
Love comes in the company of anyone you disdain
You will try to change her every single day but
She runs away runs until she drops never looking
Back at Georgia again, she got her daddys eyes tio use
Against you someday why isn;t it all crying shame
Never looking back at any of her friends again
Guess who did it now, ain't noone you can blame...
Save the day pave the way, sieze the day, we all can change
The world, here we go again, if we can't go back
I'm determined to try it all again, the man better
Stand back from me, everyone here sees black not me
Revolution is following me, end of the line at the
End of my street, death is just a slot machine, nukes
Won't kill off the spread of the seed, Won't get used
Without me here, ecology is us against the trees and
Communism red faced on its knees, says godly dust
Is all we can trust, Knock knock, who's there
Daddy its me, and a nation of millions, enlightenment
Not this, that was blasphemy, and I'm all grown up now
Cause daddy never could kill his sacred cowgirl...


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    • alternate poet profile image

      alternate poet 7 years ago

      Wow - in-tense ah! really like it - go blake4D !!

    • blake4d profile image

      Blake Ford Hall 7 years ago from Now Rising Out of Phoenix Arizona Earthlings

      Thanx AP, it was a little risky with the dirty race words. But if you see it for what I meant, I have no more worries.

    • blake4d profile image

      Blake Ford Hall 7 years ago from Now Rising Out of Phoenix Arizona Earthlings

      If this gets republished, was asked to edit it by Hub Pages

    • magnoliazz profile image

      magnoliazz 7 years ago from Wisconsin

      Your poetry is so thought provoking, and I am sure, everyone gets a different message out of it, depending upon who and what you are in life.

      The way I take this poem is that even though people are racist, their kids grow up loving and marrying people of all colors and walks of life.

      Far worse than that could happen, where there is life and love, there is hope for another day.

    • blake4d profile image

      Blake Ford Hall 5 years ago from Now Rising Out of Phoenix Arizona Earthlings

      Thanx, Keep on Hubbing. Blake4d

    • profile image

      Aysel 2 years ago

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