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Kindergarten and Saying Goodbye at the Door in a Delightful Picture Book for All Children and Parents

Updated on January 31, 2019
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Cindy Hewitt is a retired teacher with a passion for children's literature. Read-aloud stories add quality to a child's life experiences.

How Would You Like to Be a Miniature Mom in Your Child's Classroom?

Fun read for all moms and children who will go to kindergarten
Fun read for all moms and children who will go to kindergarten | Source

Miniature Mom Creates Chaos in the Kindergarten Classroom

All parents who have children who have entered kindergarten or who will soon enter kindergarten have experienced the mixture of feelings that come with saying goodbye at the school door on the first day. Children are always excited to be going to school for the first time when they enter kindergarten, but there is still the anxiety that comes when they have to let go of Mom. Sometimes it is more difficult for moms than it is for the child. Rachel Eugster has the perfect book to add to your home library when it is time for the first day of kindergarten. The Pocket Mommy is a delightful story with lots of adventures in the kindergarten classroom.

Samuel is entering kindergarten and wishes that he did not have to say goodbye to Mom. Mom has a special solution with the tiny imaginary mommy that she places in Samuel's pocket. Samuel is ready to participate in circle time and something magical has happened inside his pocket. The imaginary tiny mommy is real! Samuel has problems with singing and the tiny mommy is able to help with the words. He has trouble with writing his name and the tiny mommy helps with writing the letters. But Samuel decides the the tiny mommy wants to help too much. he tells her that he can do things himself. The tiny mommy is beginning to cause chaos in the kindergarten classroom. Samuel decides that she might need a time out. It is soon time for moms to pick up their child from kindergarten and Samuel decides that it is best for Mom to do her "mom thing" at home. He no longer needs his imaginary pocket mommy to come with him toe school.

Tom Goldsmith contributes his talent as an illustrator with adorable pastel illustrations that help tell the story of The Pocket Mommy. The Pocket Mommy was published by Tundra Books, a division of Penguin/Random House Publishers. It is recommended for ages 4-6 and has an ISBN of 978-1-77049-300-1.

Charming Pastel Illustrations Tell the Story of The Pocket Mommy


Add The Pocket Mommy to Your Classroom to help with Goodbyes

Teachers who have beginning kindergartners for each new school year will want to add Eugster's The Pocket Mommy to their classroom bookshelf. Young children will find the idea of an imaginary tiny mom who fits into their pocket at school to be a helpful idea for the first days of kindergarten. Moms will also like the idea because saying goodbye at the classroom door is sometimes more difficult for the moms than it is for the children.

*Have the book available for the first day of kindergarten. It might be fun to invite all of the moms to sit with their child for the first story time session to read this book together.

*Call attention to the illustration of the mom and little boy saying goodbye at the classroom door. Talk about feelings that the children will have when it is time for their mom to leave them at school for the first time.

*Create a group writing session with a large piece of chart paper, small happy/sad/ face stickers and make a list of the children's names who are in their first day of kindergarten. Give the children an opportunity to express their feelings about saying goodbye to Mom and place the appropriate sticker by their name. There might be a few children who might actually be happy to begin their new independent adventure at kindergarten without their mom.

*Create another chart of the children who would like to have a tiny mom in their pocket to help with the first day of kindergarten.

*Take time to share all of the hilarious illustrations with the adventure of the tiny pocket mommy in the kindergarten classroom. How would the children feel if their mom was causing all that trouble in their classroom?

Help with Transition to Kindergarten

How do you help your child say goodbye for the first time when going to school as a new experience?

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