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Kindle 4 Case

Updated on April 11, 2012

The Kindle 4 is the latest iteration in the highly successful Amazon Kindle line and it promises to generate the same user satisfaction and loyalty as previous models.

Considering that the Kindle 4’s predecessor is the best selling and highest rated product on out of many millions of products, is an indication of how people all over the world have discovered the benefits of Kindle ownership.

Kindle users are able to read what they want, where they want, and this fact means that their Kindle is subjected to all sorts of daily wear and tear. Because of this, the moment you get your hands on your shiny new Kindle 4 , the first thing you need to do is ensure you protect it by selecting a Kindle 4 case form the multitudes of cases that will undoubtedly hit the market.

An illuminated Kindle 4 case lets you read in any light condition
An illuminated Kindle 4 case lets you read in any light condition

A Kindle 4 case can not only provide effective protection from scrapes, scratches and impacts, there are also cases that include integrated lighting to provide optimal reading in any light conditions. As with the Kindle 3 there will be a wide variety of Kindle 4 case available from many different companies, although it is likely that the current market leaders will once again have the best offering of Kindle 4 case. These cases will take many different shapes, sizes and specifications so finding the one that suits you best depends on your own tastes and requirements.

Based on the current best selling and best-rated cases for the Kindle 3, here are the probable market leading Kindle 4 cases:


What will likely be the best selling Kindle 4 Case


Kindle Lighted Leather Cover, Black

Average Customer Rating 4.5/5

This is easily the best selling Kindle case for those with a Kindle 3, with different colours of this case occupying the top four spots on bestselling list. It’s popularity means they are certain to develop a Kindle 4 case.

The secret to this cases popularity is the retractable light that is integrated into the case. The efficient LED light draws its power directly from your Kindle, so it doesn’t require batteries, allowing you to read wherever and whenever you want. The case is covered in pebble-grain contoured leather and it has a microfiber interior which will protect your Kindle 4 against knocks and scrapes.

The coloured versions of this case currently rank 1 to 4 on Amazon bestsellers list in the following order of popularity:

Amazon’s best selling Kindle case #1 - Black

Amazon’s best selling Kindle case #2 -Burgundy

Amazon’s best selling Kindle case #3 - Green

Amazon’s best selling Kindle case #4 - Blue


What will likely be the Highest Rated Kindle 4 Case


rooCASE Super Bubble Neoprene Sleeve Case

Average Customer Rating 4.9/ 5

This case has been the highest ranking Kindle case on Amazon amongst Kindle 3 owners and it is a certainty that there will be a comparable Kindle 4 case. This case features amazing bubble-like protection inside a waterproof neoprene cover. There is also an accessory pocket for clip-on lighting and it comes in a variety of colours including pink, red, green, black, orange and red. This case zips at the top which means you there is no way your Kindle 4 can slip out.


Another potentially high-rating Kindle 4 case


Timbuk2 Nylon Quilted Kindle Envelope Sleeve

Average Customer Rating 4.8/5

This Timbuk2 case combines style and function, with a range of funky designs. This fashion-led design principle will surely be continued in the form of a Kindle 4 case. Offering supreme impact absorption, the high density memory foam will keep you Kindle 4 safe and protected whilst looking great.


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    • maria.rose profile image

      maria.rose 7 years ago from Florida

      Well you are saying quite right buddy. Thanks for sharing such an informative hub. I liked it. So much useful material. I read with great interest.