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Kindle Lexicon

Updated on April 27, 2012

Kindle vs books



Magic device for storing libraries of book


Writer who has published a book on Kindle

Kindie author

Indie, or Independent author published on the Kindle

Kindie Fiction

Fiction written by Kindle Indie writers



A small nip of Kindle at bedtime to aid restful sleep



The updated-daily list of free Kindle books available. See US Kinlib or UK Kinlib - or just type "kinlib" into your browser wherever you are and the clever old WWW (wise web woman) will bring up the right page. Of course that won't work if you have registered your kindle in a place other than where you are living... but let's not get TOO complicated.



A reader addicted to reading on a Kindle device.


Kindle editor



Poor quality books published on Kindle. Often produced by Kindie authors and not checked, formatted or proofed properly.


Copyediting of a Kindle Book


State of mindless staring induced by excessive Kindle reading over a prolonged period.

Literary Genres


Kindle genres. see below. A strange phenomenon on Amazon is the advent of many many new kenres. Such as the fact that there is now on Amazon a kenre of funny, cats, god, recipe and many many more. Thought to be caused by a freeform text field in the Kindle upload genre box.

  • Krime fiction

    Kindle crime fiction

  • Kromance

    Kindle romance fiction

  • Kindle ripper

    Type of romantic fiction of a historical nature, previously referred to as bodice ripper before the advent of the Kindle

  • Kistory

    Historical book published on Kindle. NOT to be confused with Kystery

  • Kystery

    Mystery genre book published on Kindle

  • Kinder book
    Children's books on Kindle

Korn on the Kindle

  • Korn
  • LARGE genre of absolute krap, many titles of which are uploaded for free daily. Leading to the additional term, Daily Korn. Hard Kore and often at a level of explicity that Amazon probably needs to start to control, as freely available to minors and children with access to an er-eading device. On the plus side, the Kindle is easier to clean than paper, when wet or sticky.


Cover for your Kindle


Light for the kindle screen so you can read in the dark. Necessary if you want to read in the dark, due to the lack of (at present) backlit screen. Often sold contained in a Kover.

Jealousy for someone with a better Kover than you.




Originally the name planned for the new Kindle Fire, but now so strongly associated with readers angry at poor quality rubbish on their Kindle, so a new name is currently being developed.



Reading on a Kindle. Not to be associated with the usage of paper book pages used to light fires. Kindling = verb rather than noun.

  • I kindle
  • You kindle
  • he she or it kindles etc



The practice of tearing old book pages into small shreds, and disposing of them in the compost bin a few at a time.



Slang for toilet, which previously used to be commonly referred to (especially in the UK) as the crapper. Now in Kindle households referred to as the Krapper, especially where a shelf is provided for Kindle storage between visits.

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    • profile image

      PWalker281 5 years ago

      This was hilarious! Thanks for sharing. I wonder if any have made it into the dictionary yet. Voted up and funny.

    • aJaguarinRed profile image

      aJaguarinRed 5 years ago from Colorado

      It took me a bit to see what this was about but I figured it out! Interesting! Helpful for kindle users and funny at the same time!