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Kindle Lighted Cover

Updated on November 25, 2016
Kindle Leather Lighted Cover | image credit: amazon
Kindle Leather Lighted Cover | image credit: amazon

Kindle Lighted Leather Cover by Amazon

This Kindle lighted Leather Cover by Amazon is the perfect accessory for you Kindle.The contoured leather, pebble-grained cover and the soft, gray, microfiber suede interior protect your Kindle from damage.

Pull out the unique retractable LED reading light and read at night. No glare. No batteries are required -- power for the lamp comes from the Kindle itself. When you are done reading, simply slide the lamp back into the case, and it automatically turns off.

Kindle Lighted Leather Cover customer reviews:--

"I read in bed every single night, so having my Kindle be able to read in the dark is very important to me. . . with my Kindle 3 I've been using this Lighted Leather cover - and I love it." by S.G.

"The light hits the entire screen. . . it is extremely pleasant to read in the dark." by K.S.

"I am amazed that if I keep my Kindle wireless function turned off, except when I absolutely need it, and also read in good lighting as much as possible and avoid the use of the case light, I can go for a month without having to recharge my Kindle." by S.H.

"I can slip the K3 into my small purse without squeezing it in." by R.M.

Kindle Lighted Leather Cover is stylish and functional

It's smart look is attractive. It gives the Kindle the feel of a leather-bound real book. Designed by Amazon, it was made for Amazon's Kindle. It comes in seven stylish colors:

  • burgundy (pictured in this hub
  • black
  • burnt orange
  • chocolate brown
  • hot pink
  • steel blue
  • apple green

Reading with the cover on, you can easily access Kindle's navigation features and the power switch. The rounded edges offer a perfect fit in your hands. The cover is designed to fold back, so you can read comfortably with just one hand. And the retractable reading light is easily accessible with the cover open or folded back.

Access your Kindle's navigation features and power switch while you are reading with the cover on. Fold the cover back and read comfortably with one hand. Grab the retractable reading light with the cover open or folded back.

10 Reasons to Buy a Kindle
The market for Kindle and e-books keeps expanding. E-book reader technology continues to improve. More books, magazines, newspapers and other print material are being converted to digital formats available for reading on Kindle. Read the 10 Reasons to buy a Kindle.

Free Kindle Books - Sources for Free Books
Amazon sells Kindle books, but it also has a wide selection of free Kindle books. And there are many other sources of free Kindle books out there. The link above shows exactly how to access lots of free Kindle books.

The Kindle Reading Device is Amazon's best selling item

Why has the Kindle become a bestseller? Because it makes a perfect gift. And because book-reading buyers like the advantages of the new Kindles: --

  • convenience
  • attractive design
  • easy-to-read screen*
  • built in dictionary and access to Wikipedia'
  • Easy bookmarking
  • reads out loud
  • stores personal documents
  • background music
  • millions of books available
  • cost

* at night you need a lamp to view the screen. that is why the Kindle Lighted Leather Case is the perfect accessory.

What do you want in a Kindle?

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