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The Kindle Oasis E-reader

Updated on April 23, 2016
The latest e-reader is the Kindle Oasis and it's going to impress you.
The latest e-reader is the Kindle Oasis and it's going to impress you.

The Kindle Oasis

The newest product in the Kindle line is the Kindle Oasis. It's a new e-reader that might just take the world by storm with all it's amazing features. You aren't going to believe that an e-reader can do what the Oasis can do. The first of these amazing feats has to do with charging your Kindle, you won't have to for months...yes, months. If you are like me and always forget to bring your charger along, this could be a God send.

Look how thin the newest e-reader is.  Say hello to the Kindle Oasis, the lightest e-reader on the market today.
Look how thin the newest e-reader is. Say hello to the Kindle Oasis, the lightest e-reader on the market today.

Kindle Oasis Features You Are Going To Love

Are you dying to know what the amazing Kindle Oasis features I am talking about are? Here goes:

  • The Battery Lasts Months with Click on Cover
  • The Oasis Is Designed to Be More Comfortable
  • It's Super Thin
  • It Has An E Ink Touchscreen
  • It Has Improved Backlighting
  • The Oasis Screen Is Brighter
  • The Screen is More Evenly Lit
  • Comes With A Cover

The Oasis And It's Long Lasting Battery

The Oasis battery has the longest battery life on the market! The Click on Cover provides you with battery power that can last for over a month on just one charge, and to think, we were impressed when the battery lasted for weeks. Going on vacation? No problem, you don't need a charger. go on your week long vacation. The Oasis was made for the traveler!

This is such a plus to those of us who love to read but always seem to forget the charger!

The Oasis Is Made For Comfort

This reader is comfortable. The Oasis is a bit different from the e-readers you are used to holding and these differences make it more comfortable for you to use. One side is a bit thicker and it feels a bit more like reading a book. This new design also means the Oasis doesn't get heavy or feel awkward. That also helps you to be able to hold it and read longer than you usually would.

The Kindle Oasis Is The Lightest Kindle Yet

The Kindle Oasis is not as heavy as some of the older e-reader models, in fact, it's the lightest e-reader ever released. Lighter means you can comfortably hold this reader longer than usual, and that makes it easier and more pleasant to use. The fact that they are lighter makes it easier to carry them around in your bag or your purse too.

The Kindle Oasis Is Easier To Use

Yes, the Kindle Oasis has a brighter screen and that makes reading easier. Once you go with an Oasis you aren't going to want to use another e-reader. Your standards are about to get raised to another level where e-readers are concerned.

When Can I Get A Kindle Oasis?

When can you get a Kindle Oasis? Not yet, but soon. If you are looking for a new reader today, the Oasis isn't the one for you. If you are thinking about getting a new Kindle but don't need one today, consider waiting for the Oasis. It will be worth the wait. You won't have to wait that long anyway, it's due to be released at the end of April.

Which model Kindle E-reader do you have?
Which model Kindle E-reader do you have?

Do You Already Own One Of The Kindle Models?

What Kindle Model E-reader Do You Have Now?

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What's Bad About The Oasis

Okay, the Kindle Oasis isn't perfect. It doesn't like water, that's right, the Oasis is not waterproof like some of the newer readers that have been released. This isn't a big deal to me since I've never had my reader exposed to the elements but it might matter to some e-reader fans out there. If you need a device that is waterproof, the Oasis is not for you. I often wonder why companies don't worry about keeping up with the competition, even on the subject of a reader being waterproof. If the products a company is competing against has extra safety features, why not incorporate them into your design to make sure you stay ahead or at least in line with the pack?

The Oasis is pricey. It will cost about 280.00 and that's about 80.00 more than the Voyage. It's about 180.00 more than the basic Kindle. Is it worth the price? That is up to you. An e-reader is a wonderful tool and how much you pay for it will depend on your wants and needs. If you are satisfied with your current Kindle model, than don't worry about getting an Oasis and keep on enjoy using the e-reader you have.

Let's Sum Up The Kindle Oasis

On the whole, I love the idea of an e-reader that doesn't have to be charged and is lighter and brighter than the rest. That means the Kindle Oasis seems almost perfect to me. The battery life is a dream come true to an avid reader like myself. And it lasts longer with the Click on Cover, so for me, that is a must have.

The Kindle Oasis is light. That's nice. Your hands and wrists won't tire as quickly with a lighter reader. It's a bonus I will appreciate. I love the comfort factor with the thicker sides too. When I've been on my reader for a long time, I find that I begin to fidget. Hopefully, I will fidget no more with this new lighter and improved model.

I am waiting for the Kindle Oasis. It's the newest addition to the Kindle family, and they have been my favorites all along.

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