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Kindle VS Nook: Battle Of The EReaders

Updated on July 16, 2011

EReaders are classified as the quickest developing consumer electronic products throughout recent industry history. It is actually a market that has a great distance to go while using recent technologies and also the technology which is currently being produced frequently. EReaders will see a large number of iterations inside the approaching few years and breakthroughs will take place rapidly. The buyer will scarcely be able to match the latest and greatest in ereading devices.

The conflict between the top two are the Nook and Kindle. You can find several other players in the arena, but the Kindle and Nook are the top two
Although each began with similar functions from the beginning, they have been renovating to improve the design. Original submitted reviews for both listed many more cons then pros. Both companies have wasted no time in addressing these issues.

As fresh technologies are produced, the eReaders will become even more sophisticated as well as easy to use. They are going to diminish in size while increasing functionality. The text will be sharper and better enabling a smaller display screen. The competition is increasing, more companies may start entering the eReader arena while the battle between wages between Nook and Kindle.

The Kindle has been reduced in size and weight, making it an even more simplified than the counterpart. The Kindle is actually a bit smaller in dimension and a few ounces lighter. Regarding the size and shape,  the style of each of these gadgets is very similar. Actual measurements and weight will probably change as advances in technological innovation and becomes even more complex.

The Nook interface is alot more hi-tech compared to the easier to use Kindle.The Kindle is navigated by the buttons, plus a 5-way controller and works with a physical keyboard. The Nook has a touch screen, which is now in color, which allows readers to choose books, buy and Research pages in the eBook retailer Barnes and Noble, as well as an electronic keyboard.

The Kindle and Nook both take advantage of E-Ink Technologies, which is a display, which reads like a real paper page.  Nook offers integrated Pearl Engineering, which is a new contemporary design of E-Ink. Kindle offers a higher resolution than Nook, so that the text is more clear, distinct and also much easier to read.

Both are great products. Do your research and buy the one that best fits your needs.


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    • profile image

      Daydreamer Too 6 years ago

      My daughter has a Kobo, I don't like it at all. There's no backlight, so how she can read in dimmed lighting at nighttime before she turns out the light, I don't know, I couldn't.

      I'm thinking of buying one but, I don't think anything, not even a nifty high tech gadget can replace the smell and feel of a newly bought book in your hands. (Call me old fashioned) Lol

      Voted up and useful.

    • Pamela N Red profile image

      Pamela N Red 6 years ago from Oklahoma

      I've heard that Kindle has an anti-glare feature that makes it easier to read out in sunlight. I'm thinking about getting one.