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How to use your Kindle to organize your life

Updated on March 14, 2015

Why you should have a Kindle

If you like to read, paper books are not the only game in town anymore. There have become a lot more ways to read in the past few years.

The old fashioned way of reading paper books is getting less popular. Using an e reader or a tablet are becoming more popular all the time. Even reading on your computer is getting more popular.

Of the ways to read a book, an e reader is the best way to read, and the Kindle is the best e reader.

The reason this is the best way is because you can get thousands of free books, and you can carry a couple thousand books on you all the time. The Kindle is easy on the eyes, and you can even have it read to you with the text to speech option if you are driving or have a vision problem.

There are several different models you can get now, this article is a review of the Kindle 3, it is the number one selling e reader ever. The paper-white model has become popular as well.

Kindle 3 best for reading

The Kindle 3 is the one with the keyboard. You can look at the Amazon website for all the regular details, I will tell you about the stuff that is not on the website, or not as easy to find.

The battery, according to Amazon says that it will last a month, that is if you use it 30 min. per day. You can just figure that you will need to charge it every 15 hours of use.

The text to speech option is not mentioned much, but it’s one of my favorite features.

My wife and I are big Kindle fans, we have 2 kindle 3’s, a Kindle Paper-white, and a Kindle Fire HD. I have recently gotten a Kindle fire HDX for myself.

We have had the Kindle 3’s for about 4 years. The Paper-white and the Fire HD are newer. My wife reads a lot in a dimly lit room, so the Paper-white is the best for reading in those situations. The Fire is more of a tablet, it does much more than allow you to read books, we will get to that in a future article.

Kindle keyboard
Kindle keyboard

Good for more than just reading

I drive 45 min. each way to work. I have a cassette that I plug in and it plays through my stereo speakers. I have gotten through close to 100 books, and the complete Bible more than 6 times in the past couple of years. It’s a great way to make the drive go buy faster.

The paper-white and the new swipe screen model to not have text to speech, the HD and the HDX do have it.

If you’re in a pinch and need to look something up online, the web browser will work, but don’t plan on using the browser to surf the web. It is usable but slow and you can only be on one page at a time, no tabs, no multiple pages.

One of the other useful things you can do is store documents and read web pages, or anything else that you can copy and paste into an email.

A special email address comes with every Kindle. You can email any documents or pages that you want, to the Kindle and read them when you get to it.

Kindle 3 review

Document storage

The Kindle 3 is great for storing documents that you want to save for an emergency or for future easy access. I have files for first aid, and many survival and emergency things I may need to know and access. Also several important documents for future use when I need them.

When you buy a Kindle, you get free unlimited cloud storage for any books that you buy, and documents that you send to the Kindle. This includes other kindle devices as well. If you are reading a book on your Kindle and you switch to your tablet, it will hold your spot and save it when you stop. It syncs up on each device, so you can switch back and forth whenever you need to use the other device.

The only negative with the Kindle 3 is that it's not a great way to read books and other documents in a low light area. It works great in bright sunlight, but not in low light. That is why Amazon made the Kindle Paper white.

What to get

There are several different e readers that you can get, the Kindle line from Amazon are the best. The reason is that the number of books that are available from Amazon for free are far more than with any other e reader.

There are several thousand fee books on the Amazon site that you can get for no charge. That doesn't even including the access you have to the 2 million free archived books on internet archives.

If you like to read, get yourself a Kindle and read all you want. If you have a Kindle 3, rate it in the area below.

Rate the Kindle 3

4.5 out of 5 stars from 2 ratings of Kindle 3


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