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King Arthur Discovered, Perhaps

Updated on September 24, 2014


Scant documentation extant from the Dark Ages

Disagreements among scholars over actual dates and localities of Arthurian events

Disputes about which of the likely warriors was the "Real" Arthur

Promising Concordance

Existing documantation shows that such a heroic warrior must have existed

That a 20 year or so Era of Peace was commented on by historians due to Ambrosius's leadership.


The Fall of Rome

The fall of Rome in the early part of the 5th Century created chaos, wars among rival factions, and economic ruin. Concerning the era of Roman occupation in Britain and its disastrous aftermath the late Prime Minister, Statesman, and Historian, Sit Winston Churchill wrote in his A History of the British Peoples: Vol.1 pp.32-49

"For nearly three hundred years Britain, reconciled to the Roman system, enjoyed

in many respects the happiest, most comfortable, and most enlightened times its

inhabitants ever had, there was law; there was order; there was peace...We owe

London to Rome...But by the early part of the fourth century shadows had

fallen...For nearly a hundred.years our island was one of the scenes of

conflict between a dying civilization and lusty, famishing barbarism."

Among the works of early British historians cited by Churchill in his History of the English Speaking Peoples were the 6th Century Priest Gildas Badonicus. the 8th Century monk, Bede, the Venable, and the 9th Century cleric Nennius.

Gildas | Source

Gildus Badonicus

It was Gildas Badonicus, a 6th Century Priest in his history of the British people who first introduced the name of an apparently extraordinarily courageous warrior king of enormous consequence and following who eventually reestablished British control, led his troops to many victories, and initiated an era of peace. According to Gildas, the British:

"...took arms under the control of Ambrosius Aurelius, a modest man, who of all

the Roman nation was then alone in the confusion of this troubled period by

chance left alive. His parents, who for their merit were adorned with the purple,

had been slain in these same broils."

Medieval Sourcebook Project

*If link doesn't work, just put "Gildas" in your browser.

Bede | Source

Bede, The Venerable

Bede was a priest historian about a century after the time of Gildas. Bede wrote much in the same vein as Gildas:

"...they chose for their general, Ambrose Aurelian a person distinguished for

his good conduct, who alone probably had survived the storm in which his

parents, who had been honoured with the regal dignity and title, were

destroyed with the rest of the Roman people in this country."

* If link does not work, just put "Bede" in your browser

Although Ambrosius has been variously called Ambrosius Aurelius, Aurelius Ambrosius, Ambrosius Aurelianus or as cited above, it is clear that Gildas and Bede spoke about the same person.

Nennius | Source


Nennius was a priest historian who wrote about Ambrosius in the 9th Century. Nennius wrote the following::

"Ambrosius was the great king among the kings of Britain."

*If link does not work, put "Nennius" in your browser

Nennius is the only one of the three chroniclers of early British history to use the name Arthur, possibly in reference to Ambrosius's probable formidable countenance, because the name Arthur could have meant, in Celtic, "bear." In any case, Nennius, in the same source, above, wrote:

"...the magnanimous Arthur, with all the kings and military force of Britain, {who]

fought against the Saxons..." Nennius wrote further, " the eighth battle {at]

Castle Guinnion...Arthur bore the image of the Holy Virgin Mary on his


The Annals Cambriae

The Annals Cambriae, or The Annals of Wales, cited happenings and events for the British people. In the year 516 the Annals state::

"The Battle of Badon, in which Arthur carried the Cross of our Lord Jesus Christ

for three days and three nights on his shoulders and the Britains were


In the year 537, the Annals include the following:

"The Battle of Camlam in which Arthur and Medrault fell and there were plagues

in Britain and Ireland.

Geoffrey of Monmouth

Geoffrey of Monmouth was a 12th Century ecclesiastic from Oxford who wrote a book called History of the Kings of Britain, which brought an immediate super stardom that has never waned to Arthur and galvanized Britain into a nation of superior consequence and unified the British people. Of this united front nd nationalistic pride his book inspired it is noted that Geoffrey's:

"...Welshness made him sympathetic to the plight of the Celtic peoples still living in Britain, and he believed that they had suffered centuries of shame and deprivation at the hands of the Romans, the Anglo-Saxons and the Normans. For his countrymen's benefit, he constructed a complete history from their viewpoint, seeking to instill a sense of pride in the descendants of the original Britons, who were the true and rightful owners of the land. He told them of a glorious past and gave hope for the future."



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