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King Kong Versus Mistaken Guerilla Warfare

Updated on January 30, 2010

King Cong Versus Miss-taken guerilla Warfare.

Innocence died,
blood washed

rice paddy,
errant misfire,
tiny peasant
in a conical hat,
black pajamas.

Bled just like Andy did,
but this one's wrong,
lack of sleep,
getting short

short itmer who's
nervous tension's long.

Then a sudden rustle
from the culvert behind me,
someone hiding, rising,
arms coming up at me,
disengaged from safety,
finger on impulse,
metal stitching
up her middle
mouth expanding in
the oh, of why,
no interpertation needed,
as I butcher innocence.

I think of her
whenever I pluck

yellow roses,
and catch my finger
on a thorn,
beauty becomes pain,
I still bleed,
while she is

still bones.



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