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King Lenny's Bride

Updated on July 8, 2015

The King's Bride

In the far south of the earth, is found the Kingdom of Azeeraiah, lying in the coveted valley of Mount Azeerus.

The Kingdom of Azeeraiah and her people were very good farmers and hunters. The land was so peaceful to the extent of people from far and near lands making haste to dwell in Azeeraiah.

The Kingdom of Azeeraiah was ruled by a young king called Lenny, who assumed the throne after the passing of his father, the good old King Leno. King Lenny was good to his people and everybody like him. King Lenny earned the respect of Rulers from far and near.

However, King Lenny had no wife and subsequently, no one to call his queen. This was of great worry to himself, his elders and the entire Kingdom.

Several miles east of the Kingdom of Azeeraiah was another kingdom called Mireez. A dreadful rebellion had occurred in the Kingdom of Mireez, leading the assassination of the king and queen. However, a good maid helped their only daughter, the Princess Mirah to escape on horseback.

Princess Mirah was very beautiful and well nurtured and aside being of a royal blood, she had matured into an adoring woman fit for a wife. Princess Mirah remembered the words of her maid at the time of her escape: "seek the Kingdom of Azeeraiah and you will find peace."

Based on her maid's words, she headed for Azeeraiah but in disguise for fear of being recognized. As at the time of her arrival in the land of Azeeraiah, there had been announcement for a new royal maid to replace one who had just died on duty in the palace.

Princess Mirah quickly took up the challenge to apply for that position as she seeked to do work for a living. She successfully passed the screening stage and was given the job in the palace.

One day, as Princess Mirah went about her duties in the palace, King Lenny happened to pass close by and made his halt by her. The king was stunned by her beauty and asked her to join him for a walk, to the dislike of all watching.

She spoke gracefully and King Lenny was surprised as her choice of words were one of royals. King Lenny immediately departed from here, and requested his finest investigators to begin a thorough look into the life and background of Mirah.

Princess Mirah did her possible best to hide her identity but rather unfortunate for her, one of the investigators had lived in the Kingdom of Mireez before and even married a woman from there. This investigator quickly recognized her but kept it a secret and rather informed King Lenny secretly.

One night, King Lenny request Mirah joined him for dinner. She obliged, put on her best dress and sat farther from the king around the royal dinner table. King Lenny had already fallen in love with her for the first time and felt there was no time to waste.

King Lenny quickly took off one of the diamond rings he had worn for the night, headed towards Mirah, knelt on one knee to the astonishment of all and sundry, and with a sweet voice as of a minstrel, he called Princess Mirah by her name.

King Lenny told her all he knew about her and proposed to marry her. Princess Mirah was greatly surprised and afraid. The King assured her not to worry for he meant every word that proceeded from his lips.

Princess Mirah gracefully held his hands to lift him up and with smiles of affection for each other, they kissed and embraced amidst thunderous applause from all the royals and maids present.

The news of King Lenny finding love rushed through the entire kingdom like raging fire and there was so much joy in the land.

A royal wedding was organized a fortnight later and the new royal couple lived happily ever after.


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