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Kings or Pawns: The Kings (Book I) by J.J. Sherwood

Updated on January 15, 2016


I was sent a free copy of Kings or Pawns: The Kings (Book I) by J.J. Sherwood in exchange only for my honest and unbiased review of Kings or Pawns: The Kings (Book I) by J.J. Sherwood.


Kings or Pawns: The Kings (Book I) by J.J. Sherwood

Kings or Pawns: The Kings (Book I) by J.J. Sherwood has a mixed genre of both science fiction and fantasy.

Kings or Pawns: The Kings (Book I) by J.J. Sherwood takes place in the year 8994 P.E., in the city of Elvorium. Elvorium is a city rotted from the machinations of depraved politicians. Price Hairem becomes the king of Sevrigel in a point in history where his father is dead and his country is facing a rebellion. Price Hairem takes his throne with a determination to destroy the corruption Elvorium against the actions of his self-serving council, who fight his auctions at every turn. Yet even the council which fights him is being attack and not just politically, but through deadly force of an assassin.

Outside of the city Lord Saebellus is waging a bloody rebellion against the capital. The only force that can stop him is General Jikun, a brilliant tactician. However the council stops Jikun from ending the rebellion by splitting his forces to go on missions to gain the council wealth and power. Saebellus seizes the opportunity to lay siege to the eastern capital and he unleash his a demon that can not be killed by weapons or magic.

The sequel Heroes or Thieves,will be published in February of 2016.


J.J. Sherwood

J.J. Sherwood currently lives in Ohio with her four identical cats and her one husband. J.J. Sherwood has just released debut Kings or Pawns: The Kings (Book I) which is a blend of science fiction and fantasy and the first book in The Kings quartet.





As I wore at the top of this hub: "I was sent a free copy of Kings or Pawns: The Kings (Book I) by J.J. Sherwood in exchange only for my honest and unbiased review of Kings or Pawns: The Kings (Book I) by J.J. Sherwood."

Kings or Pawns: The Kings (Book I) by J.J. Sherwood begins with a glossary, a race glossary, and a map. These features make it easier to understand the book. The map allows the reader ton understand where the scenes are taking place in relation to the rest of the world and the glossary provide a pronunciation list for the words create by the author.

I found the beginning of the book to be a bit slow, but I was happy to see that the slow pace did not last for long. Within a few chapters the book was moving at a steady pace.While I enjoyed the entire book my favorite part was the scene where Navon saves Jikun's life from the beast through Necromancy. I just felt like it was a pivotal moment because Navon decided to risk his life and his place in the world by resulting to necromancy to save the life of his general and his friends.

If someone asked me what made this book stand out among other books of its genre I would answer that the characters where what really made it stand out. I have read many fantasy books with elves, humans, goblins, dwarves, fairies, and other mystical creatures, yet in everyone of these books humans were either the dominant race or they were the race that the story-line revolved around. In this book the main race that the book focuses on are elves. I found this to be a nice change from the norm. If you enjoyed the Lord of the Rings series, Harry Potter, and/or Eragon then you will without a doubt enjoy reading Kings or Pawns: The Kings (Book I) by J.J. Sherwood.

I really liked the interaction between Jikun and Navon as it allowed the reader to learn about the two elves without a lengthy backstory. Out of all the characters in the book I found Jikun to be my favorite because of both his manner and his personality. I liked the fact that he was a no nonsense kind of general, yet he did still care for his troops.


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