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Kiss the Girls Review

Updated on June 27, 2017

Alex Cross had been back in the second volume “Kiss the Girls”. An interesting name for one another great thriller. In this episode, our hero, the detective – psychologist must face to face with one notorious killer who had been kidnapped, raped and killed many girls. And then Nina, Alex Cross’s niece had been the victims of the deadly game. Alex can’t be standing still outside the circle. The adventure to Durham, North Carolina to hunt for the vicious murderer begins.

The main villain in this chapter is one serial killer well known for his code name is “Casanova” the greatest lover in the earth, based one the name of Giacomo Casanova (one famous Italian adventurer and author). Alongside with him is another murderer with the nickname is “The Gentlemen Caller”. Two of them had combined to become the perfect killer couple. I must say that the villain in this chapter is not excellent like the bad guy in the first volume. Yes, Casanova showed himself the charming gentlemen behind his creepy leather mask. He also is smart and wisely. But his wisely can’t be match with Gary Soneji, the murderer who had killed more than 200 people lives. But at least Casanova had made the mysterious and disturbing feeling for the readers when he wearing the strange mask and not reveal his true face. We must read near the end of the final page to discover who really he is.

I like the main heroine of this book. Kate McTiernan is the graceful female character. She doesn’t had the beauty like any other sexy woman you can see at some action movie. But she had the beauty of one intelligent, bravery and thoughtful women. And we can’t forget her Karate stuff, she really had made Casanova and The Gentlemen Caller suffered with her martial artist. This is what I call is when women take the control in the room. She even had the trustful relationship with the main character. Not like Jezzie Flannagan with her blonde hair, who had shown herself is the traitor (even the love between her and Alex is a real. Oh I wonder where is she now, in the jail?). But in here, Kate McTiernan and Alex Cross had the friendly relationship. Agree that they had hugged, kissed, talked something sweet with each other. But in the final, they stilled the friends, very deeply friendship. And that’s great, we don’t need one more series with just love and love in every volume, this is not “James Bond” of author Ian Fleming, lady and gentlemen.

John Sampson, Alex Cross’s best friend and partner, doesn't appeared usually in this chapter. The reason is that he had the mission at Washington D.C while Alex must flown to other region and did his mission. Then we have some new characters like detective Nick Ruskin and his partner is Davey Sikes.

I’ll come back to the topic about the baddies. The villain always the important key in every thriller, not just thriller but also in all genres of books. I say the author James Patterson not just a well story – teller but he’s really a good villain developer. And about the villain development, I really need to learn a lot from him for my stories. I’ll keep continuing, I like the idea when James Patterson created Casanova and The Gentlemen Caller. Frankly, they are just the rapist bastards. And in all kind of criminal, I always hated and despite the rapist most. But with the villains in this book, the writer had really made them become more nobility, gentlemen, riot but sexy, brutal but charming. And to the end of the novel, you’ll be very shocking when Casanova unmasked himself, revealed the face of the detective Nick Ruskin.

And one more bonus, near the end of this novel, Alex Cross will faced with the shocking news when he knows Gary Soneji, the villain from the first episode is escaped from the prison and searched for the revenge with him. A rematch.

One another great crime book, I give 9/10 points for this novel. It’s villains may doesn’t cunning or interesting like I expected. But the plot and the book process had satisfied me really really lot. A true series of thriller.


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