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Kissed by the muse

Updated on November 25, 2012
the freedom to write
the freedom to write | Source

The Writer, A Rare Breed

The writer, creative, eccentric, and cut from a different cloth, ask any one who is somehow connected to a writer and they will all tell you; "that person is different." Whether you are a high school girl writing in your diary or a war journalist writing for a major magazine or media conglomerate it all started with an inspiration. Some say that they write as a form of therapy, others in pursuit of fame and fortune. In my case it was a matter of desperation, I learned to read at age 3 and my family was very poor, we lived 27 miles from the nearest town. Once I learned to read I found it a wonderful vehicle to take me to far away lands, make me part of an awesome adventure or transport me back in time. Reading became a passion for me, so I read everything we had to read. Before long I had read every book, magazine, and "wish book" on the hill, It wasn't long before my young mind became restless so I just started writing what I wanted to read. There are people who write and never show their work to anyone. It is sacred to them and for their eyes only. There is absolutely nothing wrong with not sharing your writing if that is how you feel about it. Many authors that I talk to say that writing is relaxing to them. There are also those who say that they find writing exhilarating, almost euphoric.

The one thing that all these unique individuals have in common is that something inspires everyone of them. I once read that the famous horror writer Stephen King simply wrote out his own personal fears. Personally everything is a story to me, that is why you see a variety of topics among my hubs. I have really been blessed in my life to have done a variety of different jobs and thus have acquired knowledge in several different areas. I am a free spirited writer who doesn't like to be fenced in, that is why I freelance, in short I don't like deadlines. That is not to say I refuse to write for publications that has deadlines, I just prefer not to be rushed.

What is your inspiration? Whatever it is acknowledge it, develop it, encourage it, and most of all dare to dream. people who aren't writers will never understand how you feel and think. Therefore it is imperative that you are careful who you share your dreams and your work with. Don't waste your time with negative people they will only dash your dreams and shipwreck your career if you allow them to. Most of all beware of the envious ones, these are a writer's (or anyone's for that matter) worst enemy. These people can't or won't come up to where you are so they try and drag you down to their level. They often pose as a friend or business associate in order to undermine your work and progress,but that's another hub. Surround yourself with champions, people who are believers and achievers. These true champions believe anything is possible if you believe in it long enough and strong enough. These people know this because they themselves have not only believed but achieved that goal he or she sought after. I am pleased to say we have many such champions right here on Hubpages.

So the next time you are out and someone laughs at the funny hat or shirt you're wearing or the fact that you have a neon orange sock on one foot and a neon green one on the other, Don't worry about it, remember you are a writer!


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    • johnnyco12 profile image

      johnnyco12 5 years ago from Pascagoula, Ms

      I must confess I wrote this for the young writers who are having trouble accepting their identity as a writer. Often they are ashamed and confused with their eccentricities; so I thought if they heard it from an old salt like me it just might help them. I am flattered to have a full time, veteran writer give it a thumbs up. That makes me feel really good, and I agree, with you, I marvel at the uninformed who criticize without a clue. Thanks for reading and commenting, Write on , dear lady.

    • ChristinS profile image

      Christin Sander 5 years ago from Midwest

      Great advice and I love this. Sometimes it's hard to be the eccentric sort that I am when others don't "get it" but it's so nice to know that so many other writers do :). I do all manners of writing from the boring SEO stuff to my true passions and I find pleasure in all of it. I write full time, all the time and my favorites are the questions "what do you do all day?" or really? is that all you do? ... lol. I feel like telling them if it's so easy you spend a whole day doing it and see what you come up with ;). Great hub and great reminders!

    • johnnyco12 profile image

      johnnyco12 5 years ago from Pascagoula, Ms

      Oh my friend, Poets by far are the most eccentric of all!! Remember I was a poet long before I was a writer. So you when it comes to this hub "Kissed by the Muse" you fit right in! LOL Thanks for the read and comment, "Write On my friend, Write On".

    • LazyAndAmbitious profile image

      Nikola Stankovic 5 years ago from Serbia

      I really liked this hub. Even thought I'm more of a poet than a writer, I still consider myself a writer and different than others.