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Kites with Wings

Updated on October 2, 2012

I closed my eyes, took a deep breath.

Memories of past, some painful, some unrealistic and then there are lovely memories.

Playing in each corner down the street and jumping from a window like pebbles onto soft sand.

Sweet old memories were made up of candy for quarter the price of 1 that is today.

If I ever saw the time lord I would only ask him to slip me back to my past to hold hands with those special ones who made me happy and is not with me anymore.

Those beautiful trees that we climbed were the milestone of my childhood. Those rainy days catching dragon flies and tying them with strings as like kites with wings.

Soon I realize it is bed time, hoping for a better dream to land on a wonderland with those soily hands that I loved unconditionally.


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    • jpesch1 profile image

      Jane Peschel 5 years ago from Currently living in Franklin, Wisconsin

      Beautiful imagery. Thank you for sharing.