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Ultimate Kitty Pryde Costume History

Updated on July 20, 2015
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What is this?

This is a little costume history about the ultimate version of the X-man known as Kitty Pryde, here we shall have a look at the different costumes she has worn over the years working with the X-men going out with Peter Parker and leading her own X-men and maybe learn a few other things along the way. Well we have allot on our plate so lets get started.

The Ultimate Kitty Pryde.
The Ultimate Kitty Pryde.

Costume 1

In what marvel dubs as the Ultimate universe, We get to see Kitty Pryde join the x-men all over again but with a few minor changes. Actually one of those changes is in fact all x-girls training uniform now take on the forms of skirts with the x-men's normal color schemes. In this Ultimate world Kitty Pryde never showed interest in Colossus but the one and only Spider-man. Frankly if I where her I would be embarrassed to wear such a thing as it looks kinda degrading if you looking to be treated with respect. None the less she wore this for quit some time even after her eyes caught a certain web swinger that she tried something different.

Her first real super hero costume to hang out with Spider-man as seen Ultimate Spider-man volume 16
Her first real super hero costume to hang out with Spider-man as seen Ultimate Spider-man volume 16

Costume 2

This is the first costume Kitty wore to get close to Spider-man, This skin tight yellow and green full body jumpsuit was the first real super hero costume she wore, not sure just what this costume was made from, but a I do know that this costume used goggles or some kind goggle like lens to hide her identity along with the full mask and with her hair sticking out the back this costume is probably reveals her figure more then the skirt she wears with the X-men. This costume although not at all her normal colors is probably one of my favorites mainly for the romantic reasons she had for it.

Her second costume for Spider-man
Her second costume for Spider-man

Costume 2

Not completely happy with the first one, Kitty had put together a second costume for fighting crime alongside her favorite little spider. This one kinda resembles an older outfit worn by Kitty in the mainstream Marvel comics but still a little different. Sporting a bizarre helmet to conceal her identity, a blue full body uniform with a purple or pink sash and light blue gloves, this costume is a huge change from her last one. I am not sure just what this costume is made from nor do I know just when she first put it on, but I do know that she could not have worn it for that long, however she was wearing it at the time Wolverine was killed and even found his skeleton in this suit.

She must have been very upset to wear this.
She must have been very upset to wear this.

Costume 3

After Kitty had a very unfortunate breakup with Spider-man, she must have had the itch to continue to fight crime or maybe she just plain mad ether way, she began wearing this dark red cloak with a padded jumpsuit underneath and began fighting crime on her own, she went by The Shroud. She kept wearing this even after Peter Parker's death. This costume is the first time Kitty had worn anything so dark. It was in this dark outfit that Kitty had learned how to increase her molecular density. This costume is meant to be a symbol of her hatred, anger and depression, and I think it does great job at showing that.

The white suit she wears currently.
The white suit she wears currently.
Same thing, just different pants and with a vest.
Same thing, just different pants and with a vest.

Costume 4

After the fall of most of the x-men on M Day, Kitty Pryde and many other mutants went underground, literately using the morlock tunnels. However after rescuing Rogue from a couple of sentinels, Kitty removed the Shroud and became the noble leader of a new brand of mutant freedom fighters a new team of X-men. It was a long journey and sometimes she had to use the guns she picked up from her enemies, but after much long and hard fighting she did have Utopia for a while, a mutant nation that she ruled over up until step down from power and put Colossus in charge. I am not sure if this outfit truly belongs in here when all it was, was the padded jumpsuit she wore under the Shroud costume but it does show of her figure more so then the Shroud. Sometimes it was worn with a vest over the top but this is more of a add on and not a whole new suit.

More casual
More casual

Costume 5

Kitty Pryde has gotten comfy with her role has a leader in a mutant nation, as such she started to wear something much more casual. Simple white pants and a sleeve less under shirt. She had cut her hair shorter has well. This is not a real costume I understand but she treated it has one even when she fought Jean and her floating nation of Tian in World War X. Time has passed since the war and Tian is no more and Kitty Pryde helped save the world during the events of cataclysm, but she was no longer leader of utopia have given that role to Colossus. Now Kitty has not only become a world celebrity but she has joined the new team founded by Spider Woman ( or Jessica Drew whom she also lives with) called the Young Ultimates.

Kinda similar to the 616 earth costume.
Kinda similar to the 616 earth costume.
Just in case you couldn't see it well enough.
Just in case you couldn't see it well enough.

Costume 6

First seen in All New Ultimates #3, this costume bears some similarity to the uniform that Kitty's earth 616 counterpart wears. A complete skin tight full body dark red with a single yellow strip that runs down the center, jumpsuit with yellow boots and gloves. Kitty may be doing something different with her hair I do not know what hair style that is I am not that good with hair, however she is seen smiling which is something I have not seen her do in a long time. She is wearing this while working with Spider Girl and the rest of the Young Ultimates including the new Spider-Man. I couldn't help but to notice that she does not wear a utility belt, this doesn't seem so smart given the fact that you never know when you need to pick up something or bring something with you, but that's just me she looks great ether way.

Vote and see.

Which one is your favorite?

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Last Words

Well certainly more then one would think that is it for sure, but then again Kitty is not dead yet, will she get a new costume before long? Only time can tell. Of course I will update it when that time comes, in tell then please fell free to vote on your favorite costume and leave me a comment if you feel like it and thank you for reading this hub.

With Marvel's Ultimate universe coming to an end I am afraid that I probably will not be making to many more changes to this hub but who really knows perhaps that time will still come when I will have a new addition to make.


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    • mtndewlover profile imageAUTHOR

      Wanderin Jim 

      6 years ago

      Thanks I worked hard on it, and I think you are right. Please forgive the lateness of my reply.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Good job! I believe shadowcat's first x-man codename was sprite :)


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