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Knight and The Dragon

Updated on June 8, 2016

The dragon never sleeps

stalks its pray in silence

with venom and fire it attacks

its fierce power attacked the knight

with its blaze and rage it scarred the knight

but death did not become of the knight

however, flames scarred his skin

the knight remained resilient and just

a new dawn ascended

the knight yelled down into the valley

dragon you have scarred my body but not my spirit

beware dreaded dragon my fight has just begun

with the daylight the dragon again approached the camp

the cavalier knight all bandaged was prepared

oh now I savor another encounter feared dragon

the young knight used his mind to overcome the giant beast

with a flung large stone to the eye the feared dragon collapsed

then the knight attacked swiftly with a large blade to the throat

the giant beast now hemorrhaging profusely fell hard again into the stream below

the knight drew another large steel cutting blade

one mighty last blow lanced the beast’s jugular

the knight yelled down the mountain

townspeople make note I have triumphed

the feared dragon is sleighed


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