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Knowing The Main Cause Of The Writer’s Block Is Good To Help You To Overcome It

Updated on December 26, 2013

Why you May be experiencing a writer's block

Sometimes you may only be experiencing a writer's block because you have improved in writing. You have discovered a new ways of writing and that has made you complacent.

You seem to find the work too easy and boring. This can make you lose your motivation and the inspiration to write. Even if you do write, you may not even write too well for your readers to enjoy your content.

Sometimes you are not able to come up with any ideas to write about because the mind may still be adjusting to the new method of writing your articles. After the mind has completed in tuning itself to the new and improved method of writing your articles, you then will regain your clear conscience to be able to think of the next step or what then to write about.

Inappropriate time and Place

Sometimes it could be the time is inappropriate. The time and place of writing may not be suitable enough for you to contemplate on your ideas – and connect to your true voice and self.

Not enough sleep

There are sometimes that you will only need a short nap to kill the writer’s block. You might not have had enough sleep the previous night and that could be causing you the writer’s block or not enough energy to think.

Written on Same topic over and over

You could be experiencing a writer's block because you may not be interested in learning ideas in a particular topic or area. You have worked or explored the same theme or topic for a long time that it is starting to get boring. You have become so used to the topic that you begin to come up with the same philosophical truths or ideas all the time. This makes the writing process start getting boring.

Moreover, sometimes it could be that you are simply lacking the appropriate keywords for the topic because you have not read much about the topic. Without the appropriate keywords or vocabularies, the writing even becomes boring hence causing a writer’s block. Also without personal related experiences about the topic, you would not be able to find interest or inspiration to write on the particular topic or title. You may need to find materials on the topic and study them. You should read about the topic in encyclopedia, find dictionary meaning to related vocabularies and keywords. Watch video documentaries about the topic.

You may want to do something different. You may need to start writing on a new topic when your current project or topic starts getting boring. You can also take a break from writing at least for some few days and read extensively about your topic to get new ideas to supplement the old ones.

Indifferent about a particular topic or theme.

You may be interested in history but sometimes you may not be thinking finding out more information about history. You may be worried about something else that fits in another area of discussion. You cannot really write or talk about what your mind itself is refusing to think about cannot really talk about. You would do very well in discussing ideas related to your present emotions. Your feelings will generate the words you need to express your thoughts. For written words are simply the physical or visual interpretation of what is on your mind and your feelings. Write on a topic that not only interest you, but that which you feel like discussing at that particular moment.

Old drafts are boring to read and work with

Daily we discover more interesting and advance philosophical truths. We consistently discover solutions to our problems and new answers to questions bothering our conscience. Reading your past thoughts or contents that you have written previously can sometimes be boring as the new ideas psychologically compares to the old ones and make them seem outdated. It always feels boring to go back and read old ideas or your drafts. Reading them alone makes working with old drafts boring. You cannot even read them let alone edit or develop them for publishing.

Conflicting ideas Create boredom and stress.

Writing develops our mind. Through writing, we are able to develop new ways of thinking. Sometimes you may be only be experiencing a writer’s block because of the new ideas that keep coming to replace the old ideas. When the new ideas conflict with old ideas in a bid to take their place, it could confuse the write and cause a writer’s block. New ideas also means a change in the writer’s thought pattern. This always reflects in the arrangement of your content as you introduce supplementary ideas into the article. The article has to be reorganized in order to accommodate the new idea properly.

As new ideas come in to replace new ones, you may psychologically not giving way to them because you are so used to the old ideas. Conflicting ideas and your altering thought pattern therefore builds up stress and confusion in your mind state- thus making you experience a writer's block. When that happens, you may want to stop working on the old drafts and allow the new ideas to evolve. You could either take a break or simply focus on writing and typing out the new ideas. You can either use the traditional method of writing on your notepad or type the new ideas on your computer- in another word document, or in a comment box attached to the original idea that they evolved from.

Until you allow the new ideas to channel out of your mind (through writing), it will be difficult to think straight forward or have a clear conscience to develop your old drafts.

Lack of Financial Motivation

You could be experiencing a writer’s block because you are less motivated- perhaps financially. You are not making enough money as you expected publishing your articles on an online directory.

Knowing the cause of the writer's block

It is only when you know the main cause of the writer’s block that you can adopt the appropriate writing style that can counter or help you to escape the writer’s block all the time.

The writing block can originate from different situations and therefore require different counter approaches to escape them.

Sometimes it may require that you simply have to change the font style to gain back fluency. Sometimes it may require that you change the background color of your working sheet or the color of your paper. Sometimes you may need to start on a fresh page. Sometimes you may need to write with music at the background. Sometimes you may need to change your time of writing or take a break for some few hours or days. The truth is without the proper knowledge of what is causing a writer’s block, it is difficult to avoid it. You may always have to wait for inspiration before you can write. And this is not what any aspiring professional writer has in mind. You want to churn out your ideas at any time.

Assessing yourself to find the cause of your writers’ block

Whenever you find the article writing boring, you should not waste your precious time behind your pc trying to come up with ideas to write. This can be very stressful. Instead, think about how you feel personally and talk to yourself (in writing). Talk to yourself on paper or your computer through typing and ask yourself questions on what could be responsible for your writer's block.

So many things could be responsible for your writer's block. A particular counter technique may not work for you because the current writer’s block may not have been caused by the same conditions that caused it the last time. It is just like taking the wrong medicine for your sickness. Until you have found and solved the real situation preventing your ideas from coming, you would continue to experience a writer's block. It is therefore necessary to assess yourself to really find out what could be causing the current writer’s block that you are experiencing.

Assess yourself. Write your feelings down. Write down what you think is causing the writer's block. You will know how exactly to counter the writer's block. Not using the appropriate method in countering your writer's block may get you no results in escaping the writer's block. So in escaping the writer's block, you should really doctor yourself well. You know how you feel and what your thoughts are. And find the appropriate method in escaping the writer's block. Apart from what you already know about escaping a writer’s block, you may encounter unique situations along the writing process that could cause a writer’s block. Try therefore to develop new ways of escaping a writer’s block. You can share your ideas with other writer’s to know their views as well. Seek Since there are several methods in escaping the writer's block. There are different ways in countering a writer’s block. There are different methods of writing articles that can help to escape a writers’ block.

Working with old drafts

You should learn each day through writing. Every writing process is a learning experience. So sometimes, a particular draft could be boring only because you do not feel like learning that topic. Different days and different feelings and interest. When old drafts become boring or when you start to experience a writer's block working with old drafts, you should therefore try and scan through your ideas to find which idea or draft connects more to your present emotions then put words and phrases to them. Know when to write and what to write about.

Please feel free to give your comment and suggestions below. You can also contact me if you want to write articles for your blogs, website or for any proof reading service. Contact me for also advice and tutorials on SEO or how you can upgrade your website in order to gain more traffic.


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