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"Knowledge" a Creative Work Based Off of The Fairy Queen

Updated on February 24, 2016
Una and the Lion by Briton Rivière (1840–1920).
Una and the Lion by Briton Rivière (1840–1920). | Source

Meet The Crew


Main Knight: Scire (To know)

Damsel: Veritatema (Truth)

2nd Knight: Cogitare (to think)

Villain: Fama (rumor)

Iacet (Lies)

Creature: Ignorantia (ignorance)


Veritatema was walking through the forest on a sunny day, as she had done many times before. When she approached the pond where she often sat to contemplate the day, she heard a rustling in the bushes. Veritatema felt all the muscles in her body tense this was not a well-known spot, which she secretly snuck away to, and she had never seen another person here before. Glancing around nervously she mustered all of her courage a meekly asked “who is there?” after a moment of hesitation she added, “Show yourself,” as if that would make her sound more intimidating. Out of the brush stepped what must have been the most attractive man she had ever seen. He was tall with dark wispy hair; chocolate brown eyes and skin that was made it look as though he was constantly blushing. He smiled at Veritatema and said with a gentle yet amused voice that his name was Sir Iacet. She didn’t quite know why, but something about him made her feel uneasy. She inquired as to why he was in the middle of the woods he smiled and responded “Well love, why are you in the middle of the woods?” With a voice as smooth as honey, he almost made her forget the question. He took a step closer holding his hands out as if to say, “I’m harmless.” Veritatema felt something inside her tell her to run. She smiled as though nothing was wrong and in one smooth motion turned and ran as fast as her legs would carry her.

Upon exiting the forest, with Sir Iacet close behind, she ran into yet another knight. This knight was nearly the complete opposite of the first. He had light green eyes, a small statue and light blonde hair. This knight did not give her a negative feeling, and so Veritatema decided to trust this knight. He dismounted from his horse, and introduced himself as Sir Scire, stating that “I am at your disposal, milady, and I shall protect you from this foe.” It was no sooner that he said that when Sir Iacet came barreling through the brush. Sir Scire stopped Sir Iacet, and asked him what his business with the Lady was. Without missing a beat Iacet stated, “she is my younger sister, she is not well, and I must be taking her home” he glued on a concern look and looked Scire in the eye, as if that would make the statement true. On any other knight, this approach may have worked, but Scire was an incredibly intelligent man, with an eye for deceit. Scire simply asked the knight “well then, if this is the case, why is she running from you, with what looks like a sound mind” he pause “and the look of you two, she has hair of gold and you, you have nearly jet black hair.” Iacet had no real response for this and so he decided that the best course of action was to challenge Scire to a duel. Scire accepted.

Iacet demanded that when he won said duel that Veritatema would be awarded to him. Scire grudgingly agreed, knowing that he needed to protect the maiden. Scire confidently pulled out his sword, with the calm and cool nature of someone who is a seasoned warrior. Iacet wasn’t fazed and also pulled out his sword. As the duel progressed Iacet began to realize that he was out classed. Scire was clearly winning and just before he was about to take the final strike Iacet used a glamor in order to make himself appear to be an innocent child. This gave Sir Scire a moments pause, allowing Iacet to escape before his defeat.

Scire was taken aback by Iacet’s ability to change forms, and turned to the lady to assure her safety. Veritatema made it clear that she was unharmed and inquired as to why he was in this part of the country. Sir Scire stated “I am on a quest for my Queen, she has sent me to detain an enchantress that goes by the name of Fama, she uses her pet Ignorantia in order to spread half truths through out the land. Her deeds are inciting distrust and animosity within the people, her majesty cannot have this, she desires a peaceful land, and I intend to provide that for her.”

Veritatema was impressed with his desire to rid the land of such a foul creature, and so she said “please sir let me accompany you, I have the innate ability to provide the truth, which will be useful on your quest. That and I cannot just sit back and let lies ravage my land, above all there must be truth and honor.”

At this Scire bowed his head and expressed approval, and so the two set out together.


The Faerie Queene Movie Trailer

Cogitare was riding through the forest on a well-traveled path, when out of the brush stumbles a weary traveler. It was a man of tall stature who looked as though he had just recently escaped a brush with death. Cogitare, with a concerned look on his face, asked the traveler if he required any assistance. Iacet saw this as an opportunity to get back at his newly acquired foe, and began to spin a new and improved version of what happened. Iacet plastered on his best depressed face and in a despairing voice went on to say that “there is an evil knight, he goes by the name Scire. He has stolen my bride, on our wedding night, a sacred night. He attempted to kill me, and successfully bested me through the use of cheap tricks and sorcery. I barely escaped with my life, please good sir would you, a great knight by the looks of it, help me to win back my love from this dastardly fiend?”

Cogitare couldn’t imagine turning his back on such a helpless man, and of course decided to assist him in his quest. After all if he turned his back on those in need, what kind of knight would he be? After it was decided that Cogitare would assist Iacet, they set out to find Scire and Veritatema.


Scire and Veritatema had been traveling south for three days before they ran into Iacet and Cogitare. It was a dark and rainy day, the travelers were all relatively miserable. Veritatema adopted a hooded cloak to protect herself from the rain, so the only part of her that was visible was her golden hair. This was all it took for Iacet to recognize her, and as soon as he did he whispered to Cogitare “that is he, the man on that horse, the man who robbed me of my love.” Cogitare was out raged, and immediately challenged Scire to a duel. Scire was taken aback by the sudden out burst and demanded to know the reason for it. Iacet decided now was his time; he pulled back his hood, and launched into the heart-wrenching tale of his stolen bride. Of course Veritatema being present denied the accusations, stating “this fool was never betrothed to me, he attacked me in the forest and this brave knight rescued me from him, so you see, this man is a liar.” Iacet denied the accusation and supplied the reason for her misconception to her being under a spell. Cogitare felt himself becoming more confused by the moment, and more concerned that he didn’t know what was going on. It was at this point that Veritatema revealed herself. Cogitare couldn’t help but stare at what he saw, her golden hair shone even in the dim light giving her a glow that was breath taking, her eyes shone bright green, brimming with intelligence. She looked him directly in the eyes and said, “it is I who is telling the truth, this man has deceived you, and he is using you. Do not be fooled by his outward appearance and smooth words.” Cogitare had no choice but to give in to her, not only was this the girl he dreamed of nightly, but also when she spoke he could see the truth in her words.

The newly created trio then turned their attention to Iacet. He had a wiry smile on his face, and with a voice full of confidence he said, “ha and so you think you have me beat? Well I too have allies, take a look behind you and you shall see.”

Glancing behind them they saw a beautiful woman with bright auburn hair riding atop a large winged beast, the beast known as Ignorantia, had the wings of an eagle, the lower body of a panther and the head of a falcon. Veritatema let out a startled gasp and whispered, “What is that abomination?”

“That” replied Scire, “that is the beast I was sent to kill, and that is the woman I was sent to capture.”

“No” stated Iacet in an amused voice, “That is my sister.”

Scire yelled out to the woman, “I demand you surrender, I am not one to harm a woman, but if I must fight you, I will.”

“Ah fight me you say? Nay good sir you will fight my pet,” replied Fama, “and you will rue the day you crossed my brother and I.”

Fama dismounted and with a small pat given to her pet, the fight began. Scire drew his sword and engaged the beast, and the more he fought, the less he felt he knew. It was as though the beast was draining away all that he knew, with this realization he decided that this fight must be settled quickly. In the background he could hear a battle raging between Cogitare and Iacet, and it seemed that Cogitare would be winning shortly, now that Veritatema had revealed Iacet for what he really was. Cogitare felt stronger and faster now that he had Veritatema by his side and right before taking the final blow, destroying Iacet, he vowed that he would never be without her.

Scire on the other hand was trying to formulate a plan. It then dawned on him; the most vulnerable part of the beast is the chest. All he had to do was get into the proper position, underneath it. So he waited until the beast pounced on him and just when Ignorantia thought it had won, he thrust his blade into the heart of the beast, destroying it.

Fama could not believe she had been beaten, in her mind this was not the outcome she expected. Scire looked at her and said “now ma’am you will be coming with me.” He then bound her and put her over his horse, he then turned to Veritatema and said “this may be the end of our travels, are you two accompanying me on my return to my queen?” Veritatema looked to Cogitare for a response. Cogitare smiled and replied “yes I believe we will, I would like her blessing to marry this fine maiden, if it is what she desires.” Veritatema was overjoyed; she looked at Cogitare for a moment longer and then replied, “yes sir, that would please me.” The three departed on a journey to the Queen, where they obtained her blessing. Veritatema and Cogitare were married soon after. Fama on the other hand was sealed away, in a cave guarded by Honestatis, the Queen’s creature, where her powers were rendered useless, for the time being.


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