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Korean Adventure

Updated on February 7, 2011

So there I was minding my own business when I encountered a sight like no other. I was in a grocery store around Apex, NC on a Friday before Labor Day. As many people were preparing to leave for the beach or mountain theme park s the day was going by rather peacefully. I was finishing up for the day when I noticed this Korean lady doing some grocery shopping. I knew she was Korean because of her cell phone conversation plus the fact, contrary to stereo types; Koreans have a certain aura about them that is different from other Asian people. It’s hard to explain so let’s move on with the story shall we?

As she ended her phone conversation she continued her shopping while dressed in a most beautiful dress outfit. It looked similar to a spring time dress with lots of flower designs imprinted on it and a long slit going up the side of the dress. She looked somewhere in her late 30’s, early 40’s with a slender built, average chest size with long clean shaven legs and other body parts going with her 5.5 foot height built. With her long hair going well pass the waist line and wearing two inch high heel shoes.

It seems that while she was doing her shopping she didn’t take into account the dress of hers kind of lifted itself up a bit more than she knew whenever she squatted down to look at an item. It was evident later on that she was going commando or to be more precise, no underwear. But being the gentleman that I am I continued to carry on with my job until I became involved in helping her in a small crisis she was having by now.

She had bent down to pick up a rather large item and while trying to mange it and safely place it into her shopping cart, her dress became entrapped with the item. So as she was able to get the item in her shopping cart, so did she also get part of her dress in it as well. She quietly called out to me for assistance as I quickly came to her aid especially since she was standing naked from the waist down while her torn dress was lying under a very heavy grocery item. Lifting the item she retrieved she dress and tried to see how badly her dress was ripped.

As she asked for my advice, it became apparent that her dress was seriously ripped. I also noticed her private area very clearly from front and back as we tried to adjust her dress so she could leave the store with some dignity. Before she left she did apologize for creating a scene given that if someone had come around to the grocery isle we were on, it would look like I was sexually attacking her or that she was a nudist exhibitionist. But as luck would have it for the both of us, the store was particularly slow seeing as many people had already or were getting ready to leave for the holiday weekend.

She quickly left the store with no one noticing her ripped dress being held by one hand while the other hand keep it from opening up from the side and giving everyone a view to remember. About 30 minutes later I was heading home for the day. And about an hour and ½ later after making it through holiday traffic I made it home. I have been to Korea many times but I will always remember this as my favorite Korean sightseeing adventure.


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