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Kremisi: a graphic novel who will change your life...

Updated on June 23, 2017

Stefano Labbia hit the target again!

Kremisi is a hero? Is a criminal? Everybody in the world ask theirself this question. Exclusive for, i've read the story of first volume: probably released in the first months of 2018 in italian and english languages, will be available on the online platforms of the major stores worldwide (Amazon, Google Play etc.) and in paper version, for now, just for Italy. "Kremisi" tells the story of Jackson Moore, a 30-year-old metalworkers who finds himself obliged to fight the crime when, due to an accident, he discovers to have superpowers. He can, in fact, materialize everything he thinks. Every power, every things, every "action" comes true. Taken between the crime that wants to kill him / absorb his power, secret services and other "heroes" / loser who, scared or for sense of belonging - community, would like to stop him, Jackson is alone. The finale - which I will not reveal - has left me really shocked. Speaking with the author I understood that this is not a unique volume but a true series. Some skilled illustrator are at work (Francesco Tosi over all) for a product that will surely make a discuss: many of the social issues faced in it, in fact. For example we find the struggle between good and evil, bullying, abandonment, violence in general and crime.In the universe of Kremisi, there are a lots of heroes like Hellscat, a very hot an young girl with power like peak Human Condition, excellent hand-to-hand fighting skills, special bombs (sonic granade, flashbang, electric granade etc.), fly cloak (aliant), high agility, fully use/access 100% of the brain capacity. Or Quickly, an afroamerican pre-adolescent with the ability to move hisself at supersonic speeds, superhumanly fast reflexes and the ability to Weapon Creation instantly. So, entertainment and thought coincide in a graphic novel more than enjoyable and dedicated to an audience over 18 because of the topics discussed! We just have to wait for a certain release date!

Valentina Capece.

Kremisi by Francesco Tosi

Kremisiby Francesco Tosi
Kremisiby Francesco Tosi | Source


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