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Kris's Poetry Corner-Episode 2

Updated on August 2, 2011

False alarms and

Good luck charms

Don’t mean that much

To me

In this world of make believe

The real is what you see


I look out my window

I see the bluebirds fly

Looking at the world below

I begin to wonder, “Why?”

Why do we fill the air with smog?

A gray pollution to hide the blue

Killing all the green plants

That collect the morning dew

Why do we cut down trees

That clean out all our air?

Leaving us to poison ourselves

Or do we really care?

Why do we product atom bombs

To blow us from existence?

Do you realize we could die

Because of one man’s persistence?

Our whole world could come to an end

All because of human ignorance

Why do we all act like this?

The motives make no sense

The Warrior

There you stand

Between here and space

As you fight your battle

With the human race

One tear I cry

For you

Another tear

For what you do

Run, hide

Get away

Maybe you’ll live

To see another day

Dance away

The night in pain

Fight away

Your war in pain

Scream for vengeance

That should be yours

Take the key

That opens opportunity’s doors

If giving up

Is a sin

Then fight the battle

You cannot win


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    • RedElf profile image

      RedElf 5 years ago from Canada

      Two very different, yet interconnected works - some very thought-provoking writing.

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