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Kris's Poetry Corner-Episode 3

Updated on August 2, 2011

This time I am bringing you three poems.

The first was written to play with form. Also, I wanted to take a break from my typical subjects.

The second is a favorite of mine, even getting published in a poetry publication.

The third is one I wanted to share.

Hope you enjoy!

The Gentle Shower

Rain falling

Lightly stepping

On the ground below

From the clouds

Reaching down

To touch the earth below

Calm storm

Posing no threat

Upon God’s creation

Somewhere Along the Charade

Could I make you love me

If I were someone else?

By turning back the hands of time

To re-beautify myself

I love you like crazy

But, somehow, you can’t see

How much I care for you

And what you mean to me

Now I’ll hide behind my other face

In this real like masquerade

And hope you fall in love with me

Somewhere along the charade

True Love Is…

True love is strong

Its binds cannot be broken

Its lights never fade

No wall can hold in out

No cage can keep it in

No man can resist it

True love is overpowering

Many have died for it

It’s pitted man against man

Brought nations to their knees

Led men blindly about

True love is destructive

Used against a man in spite

Can at him to the core

Leave him helpless & vulnerable

Corrupting him to oblivion


True love is beautiful

A wondrous gift for all to share

Something unconditionally given

Keeping dreams alive

A reason to live on


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