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Kris's Poetry Corner-Episode 6

Updated on August 22, 2011

Every single soul is a poem.~Michael Franti

Pain is filtered in a poem so that it becomes finally, in the end, pleasure.~Mark Strand

Poetry heals the wounds inflicted by reason.~Novalis

Poetry is a mirror which makes beautiful that which is distorted.~Percy Bysshe Shelley

The Victory

When the weak overpower the strong

When the good defeat the bad

When evil crumbles to the ground

Then you may claim the victory

When the wicked turns to the loving

When the mislead march in the right direction

When kindness overruns the hate

Then you may claim the victory

But while the wicked still reign

While the bad holds down the good

While the mislead still go down their path

The war still rages on

You may not claim the victory

Something Dies Inside Me

I sit all alone

Watching all the little flowers dying


As the life leaves this delicate beauty

Something dies inside me

This planet holds little wonders

Mostly death and destruction present

Leaving nothing left

As little flower dies

Something dies inside me

All around is heartbreak

Broken affairs and lover’s lies

Passion without emotion

As death comes to little flower

Something dies inside me

No one loves his fellow man

Everything is take what you can get

Never once to give

While little flower withers

Something dies inside me

For she is a reminder

Of life on this planet in the modern world

The negatives dominate

So as little flower lies dead

Something dies inside me

Appetite for Innocence

The blade is crying

It thirsts for blood

It’s only desire

Deprived and hungered

It seeks the innocent

With death illuminating

From its polished form

Victims bleed pure blood

For their souls are pure


Like the new snows

And like the winters keep

Its existence is stone cold

And it’s heart of ice

Its strike is silent

As it is unexpected

Vicious in a graceful way

As the life-force slowly leaves

Dripping away

As the soul slips from

This place and joins the dead


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