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Updated on July 7, 2016

Which Way Do We Go?


Little girl hurt, and all alone
Visions are dead, dreams destroyed.
Hope for a future – What is that?
She’s in a needle battle of
Mortal combat.

Little girl hurt, and all alone
Painful memories she must recall.
Focus on feelings-relive the pain
Be honest as each day begins.

Little girl hurt, and all alone
Look at yourself and what you want.
NO! You can’t have the needle, pipe or a drink
Wake up! it’s time to come out of your sleep.

Little girl hurt, and not quite alone
Open your eyes you may be surprised.
There are people who love you and care.
Are you willing to chance going somewhere?

Little girl hurt, one day at a time
No one can stop you, just you-yourself
It’s okay to cry, be angry, outraged
Fight for your life! You have a choice.

Little girl, growing day by day
Slowly awakening to your own power,
Energized by all your successes.
Death will not claim you
Life has revived you

Little girl Beautiful and strong!
Growing day by day.

By Jonita Johnson
© 2005

There are so many children girls and boys on our streets today. For whatever reason they have left their home, and now find themselves in a different jungle. This jungle of the streets will degrade them, kill them, or make them stronger but less trusting. As a society what can we do when they finally start to see their value, and realize this life is not for me? When they see how strong they are, that they have survived and need shelter, education, and healing hands, will we be there for them?


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