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LIfe's Longing

Updated on February 15, 2011

Searching for Love

There I sat pondering my life

          & it’s meaning

So many blessings

          Yet still I feel empty and dazed


So I moved on…

          Severing from all that’s been …. My safe haven

My destiny is changing

          I search for that peaceful quiet shelter


I’m almost there

          but not quite…


I travel onward toward a future unknown

I’m anxious;

          Yet tired and frightened


You are there

          …in my future

I see the dawn break

          A warm breeze touches my cheek

I hear the whisper of the sea

          …luring me

I turn to face you

          …brushing my fingertips ever so lightly along your cheek

My hands speaking a language

          words cannot express and only the heart can understand



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