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Love Story of Two Fishes

Updated on March 24, 2017

Love Beyond It's Limit

A male fish,

had a wish,

floating in the upper level of ocean,

with a joy of life and full of passion,

One day, it was wandering,

in the deep ocean, having,

a desire to see the world of ocean,

a desire of adventurous aspect of ocean,

Suddenly, it saw a very cute fish female,

floating with it's colorful tale,

that female fish having almost six colours,

each of which had not be seen ever,

It appears that the female one,

trying to attract that male one,

but having been lost within that beautiful female,

the heart began to pump up slower, of the male,

Both the fishes came together,

promised to live with each other,

and enlarge their family forever,

but forgotten that still they were,

the fishes with the bindings of their,

Lives of whom was not more than,

a bubble of water which only can,

have the life of just a second,

their untold love story can reach to an end.

Being unaware of this truth,

though, both of them were youth,

began to fall in love of each other,

and just within a moment the death came there.

The male fish was caught in a net,

and was becoming beyond the reach yet,

the female fish tried it's hard,

but the death was just a distance of a yard,

a big fish swallowed the female with several small fishes,

and this was the end of their wishes,

A love story in the ocean, in the deep ocean,

came to it's end and thus, I learnt a lesson,

that the Love is like a drug,

every one falling in it,

becomes senseless, forgetting the existence of truth,

and when it ends,

Nothing is left behind.


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  • gustaw1981 profile image

    gustaw1981 6 years ago from Poland

    True, so true.