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Love that Covers (Poem)

Updated on September 18, 2013

Love that has made us

Vessels of mercy, and

Given to us unmerited favor, and

Grace abundantly,

Is long-suffering, patient, and kind

Through the darkness did shine,

Love that covers!

Love that covered every stain,

Heals all of our pain,

Keeps us,

When we are not strong

Covers all of our wrong,

Love that covers!


Love that covers us like a roof

Jesus Christ is love in living proof,

He has delivered, and

Set us free

His love heals all our infirmities,

Love that covers!

Love that grants us

The strength to endure

Love that never fails

Is changeless, and pure,

Love is Jesus, and

Jesus is love,

He is agape sent from above,

Love that covers.


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