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Little Things

Updated on February 5, 2013

Life's little miracles

I am a single mom. I have four beautiful, intelligent and adorable children. I wouldn't exchange them for anything in the world. I will say though that they are each very different individuals. My oldest, which is a girl, can be very headstrong at times. She is intelligent, all A's in class and in the gifted classes. She is also a teenager and occasionally has a mouth on her. She is a good girl though, has good morals and seems to have her head on straight.

My next to the oldest is nine. I have had some problems in dealing with her but she has been through a lot in her little life. She is doing good now. She had been struggling with school but that is now behind her. She has also been going to counseling. It seems to have really helped her. She does still put up with the occasional bullying at school but has learned new ways in dealing with it. I do often worry about her and her self-esteem and see so much of myself in her.

My oldest boy, he's five. He is a tender hearted little boy. He also reminds me of me. He is sweet and very caring and I think one day he will make someone a very wonderful husband. The youngest is also a boy and he is three. He is my meanest, and most ornery out of the four. He has learned to take up for himself. I also feel that I might have the toughest time out of him at school when he does eventually start.

The reason why I am writing about my children is because they are my little things. They make my world go round and keep me steady headed. We are always told to cherish the little things in life. Those are my little things. I wouldn't know where I would be today if it wasn't for them. I am proud of them all and wouldn't change any of them. They are unique and their own person. For any parent out there, you know what I mean about the kids being your favorite little things in the world. Cherish the memories as it seems they grow up way to quickly. Cherish the little things in life...they are what makes life the most precious.


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