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La Bailar es un Carnival

Updated on July 11, 2014

I never thought I'd learn to dance
But in the last month I've gotten the chance
First it was boring but then it got faster
Watching each other jiggle
Drowned us in laughter

I learned with some family, and had a blast
And looked forward to it
Every hour that passed

I sweated, almost fainted
Dramatically of course
And learned to sing along
To the songs of the course

We all drank about a gallon a day
And watched a few inches melt away
While eating chilis here and there
And sucking on Tums like a tiny eclaire

We finally found a miracle toner
Something for you
Or a workout whiner
A workout that'll feel like nothing but a breeze
Once you get used to the Activate CD

The Salsa is still hard, for me at least
Everything else got super easy
I don't want to make this sound like an ad
I'm just trying to write a poem instead

You should check out this awesome song
La Vida es un Carnival
Listen to it and feel the beat
Let your ears move your feet

I was never a dancer
Even still, I'm not
But listening to music
Might help move your buttocks

© 2013 Brandon Jared Martin


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