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La Toya Come Back To Your Nature

Updated on November 3, 2017

La Toya, you did not need the make up

Nor did you need surgery,

It was only a wasted cake up

Of your make believing imagery,

Naturally God made beautiful

With a black nose so very cute,

The prettiest lady and soulful

In my diligent pursuit,

The best way for you is with me,

Together we were meant to be,

We were made to promote God’s Holy Word,

The best ever read and heard,

God shall remain priority first,

For He shall always quench our thirst,

Allow your nature to come back,

This is my message and not an act,

Emissions of nature shall never change

From existing to everlasting,

It is something we should not rearrange

But nurture it through prayer and fasting,

To be satisfied with how we were made

Is the attitude we all should possess,

Yes, and receive a very high grade

For our living out of our best,

The natural look is primary,

What’s in the heart shall not be contrary,

The way you think is necessary,

And love should be hereditary,


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