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Updated on December 19, 2012

please listen to Fix me by 10 years

Tears that cover the soil staining it in red

A lifetime of pain that was been planted and bred

The ashes of the future fade into the drowning sea

Shackled to the floor unable to break free

In a moment where reality’s feathered wings crumble

She wears an expression of disdain, yet remains humble

Blood creeping down her empty eye sockets

She takes out a locket from her blood drenched pockets

The self-sacrificed soul to the underworld

The empty vessel left to wail unheard

You break my solitude crashing my walls of protection

Shatter my sanity to shreds

You’re a tragedy, one that speaks of mutilation

Looking eerie conquered by time and pain

She fingers the contoured words with the falling rain

Lacie, it reads, in fading strokes

The girl with burning hopes

The girl blinded by the acid droplets of reality’s sense

Suffering turning to wretched sadness, thriving at her expense

Coarse voice shaky hands, she weeps

With every word my heart weeps

“I am fine with the fire, let it come and get me”

“No, Don’t try to fix me”

“Burry me, Burry me, let me be”

The blind prophet has no eyes to see

Yet wisdom flows, although the world she can’t perceive

The world is unjust twisted, and worth being feared

Yet the girl with the bloody cheeks smeared

Holds her locket to her heart and swears

TO the empty night promising coldness and fears


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